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Why black Americans should invest in art pieces


Black Americans should invest in art.

If you ever had a doubt about the importance of art in the development and maintenance of history, culture and identity of a people, think for a second on why museums are always the first to be raided and looted after the fall of an empire or a nation.

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ABC’s ‘Black-ish’: The Family Show with the Semi-Shocking Title


LOS ANGELES (L.A. Times)—ABC is placing big expectations on its new fall comedy with a certain small letter in its title: “black-ish.”

The half-hour series, which premieres Sept. 24, is centered on an African American family that moves to an upper-class, predominantly white neighborhood. Comedic frustrations ensue, in no small part from Andre “Dre” Johnson (Anthony Anderson), who wants to make sure his children maintain a sense of cultural identity.

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Common Thread Of Failure In Black Businesses Revealed

Black Business

Atlanta, GA — A recent study conducted by the Entrepreneurs Incubator Institute revealed that black businesses fail at a rate 18 times higher thanthat of their white counterparts with the exact same qualifications.

The report cited that blacks are unfairly expected to achieve at the same levels as whites due to the broad stroke comparisons. Devin Robinson, business and economics professor and founder of EII stated, “The failure in black businesses often starts from the owner’s youth and discriminatory factors. Most blacks are only motivated to become entrepreneurs when corporate America rejects them. This rejection is often due to a criminal conviction, culture disconnect, underperforming aptitude or something that happened to that person as a youth. In addition, schools often put more energy into high performing students, leading to even better performance out of them. Average or underperforming students are rarely given enough attention and development, leading to worse performances.”

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Vikings’ Peterson Booked, Released in Child Injury Case


Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was booked into jail and released on $15,000 bail early Saturday morning after he was indicted on a felony charge of reckless or negligent injury to a child, ESPN reports.
Peterson reportedly beat his 4-year-old son this summer with a small tree branch as a form of punishment, allegedly causing multiple injuries to the child, according to CBS Houston.

During interviews with police, Peterson referred to the incident as a “whooping,” which occurred in Spring, Texas, in May, the news station reports. He said his son had pushed another of Peterson’s children off a motorbike video game. As punishment, Peterson grabbed a tree branch, which he called a “switch,” removed the leaves and struck the child repeatedly, the news station writes.

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LAPD Confuses Black Actress for Prostitute

D Watts

Actress Danièle Watts took to social media last week to condemn the Los Angeles Police Department after she was allegedly mistaken for a prostitute after kissing her white husband, Identites.mic reports.

According to Facebook posts by Watts and her husband Brian James Lucas, two police officers mistook the couple for a prostitute and client Thursday when they were seen showing affection in public, the report says.

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