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‘Think Like a Man Too’

TLAM 600As a moviegoer, I give this “Think Like A Man” sequel two very enthusiastic and ecstatic thumbs up.
“Think Like A Man Too” refutes the sequel curse because it is – as Kevin Hart promised – much better than the original film. It is filled with the same stars from the first adaptation, along with an equal role for newcomer, Wendi McClendon-Covey, who plays Tish, the wife of Bennett, portrayed by comedian Gary Owen.
The setting is the ever-exciting and mayhem-filled Las Vegas, where both the women and men journey to participate in the nuptials of Michael (Terrance J) and Candice (Regina Hall). Early on, the scenery promises what the film delivers – that this will be eventful from start to finish.

Healthy Shelby launches hypertension campaign with coach Lionel Hollins

The kick off of “140/90: Living Life Under Pressure,” a new hypertension awareness campaign encouraging African-American men to maintain a healthy blood pressure, will be June 21st.
pressure 600During the event hosted by Healthy Shelby, attendees will have the opportunity to meet the campaign spokesperson, Lionel Hollins, former head coach for the Memphis Grizzlies and founder of Lionel Hollins Charities. They can also participate in blood pressure screenings, exercise demonstrations, cooking classes, and receive information on how to better manage hypertension. 
Heart healthy food will be provided as part of the free educational event, which will run from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at The Kroc Center, located at 800 E. Pkwy S., Memphis. The campaign is geared toward African American men but everyone is welcome to attend. 

TPC Southwind shares tournament tips

tournament 600TPC Southwind – the PGA TOUR’s only private golf club in the state of Tennessee and host to the PGA TOUR’s FedEx St. Jude Classic, has released a set of tips on how spectators can get the most out of every tournament. The advice comes as the FedEx St. Jude Classic tournament unfolds through June 8th. 
 “As a venue designed to host TOUR-sponsored events, we consider ourselves experts at navigating tournaments and want to ensure our guests are truly able to enjoy them,” said Michaelyn Morgan Bradford, head golf professional of TPC Southwind.
Here is the tips list:

Where’s the black political conversation on climate change?

environment 600President Barack Obama might be the only black person on the planet who cares about climate change.
Well, not really, but close – the ill-fated climate-change debate is as white as late-night talk shows. It’s that way for a number of reasons: from who funds either side of the heated climate conversation to allegations that environmentalists routinely dis black perspectives on the topic. Most egregious is a pervasive lack of urgent black political action on the subject.
On Monday the administration of the first black president, who is also the first president to seriously tackle climate change, announced ambitious Environmental Protection Agency rules that cut carbon emissions by 30 percent through 2030. That’s huge.

Art mixed with the KKK leaves a bad aftertaste

KKK 600I’d gone to Montreal for a conference and, because I fell in love with the city, decided to stay a few more days to explore it. I was with my travel companion, a woman who’s working on a start-up site about art, and she asked me to tag along with her to check out Montreal’s contemporary art scene.
At our second stop, a very nice attendant made small talk and asked about our art-hopping plans. Maybe I looked as bored as I was because the attendant asked if I was enjoying the trek. “I like the pretty colors, but ... ,” I said. I’m not that shallow, I swear. I just have a preference for art that is bold and in my face.
“What’s next?” the attendant asked. My companion told her we were headed to “Come and See” by British artists Jake and Dinos Chapman at DHC/ART.