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Controlling the money

cligman 600“Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.”
– Mayer Amschel Rothschild.
I often wonder if most black people in America really understand the across-the-board impact economics has on our daily lives. Or, have we just been beaten down so badly that we have fallen into a state of apathy when it comes to our collective pursuit of economic empowerment?
The above quote by Rothschild always reminds me of the kind of nation and world in which we reside.  It also makes me even more aware of black folks’ economic position in this country, and our lack of emphasis on what’s really important vis-à-vis real power.

Sovereignty the main course at good food movement conference

DETROIT – About two years ago, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation made a gutsy call to convene its 2014 food and nutrition conference in Detroit. Even then, declining economic fortunes and subsequent social disruptions dominated most of the narratives about the city’s future.
foods 600Yet, the wisdom of selecting the Motor City as the host site for this May’s Harvesting Change Food and Community Gathering was borne out last week as more than 650 food advocates from Hawaii, Alaska, and the lower 48 gathered to share knowledge and information about the “good food” movement.
 “I’m a give you compost the only way a poet and emcee can give it to you,” boasted Detroit-born spoken-word artist Kidiri Sennefer, one of conference’s first speakers. He then launched into a rap that examined the politics of America’s eating habits, fast-food addictions and corporate food-systems dominance.

Chris Brown released from jail

Chris Brown is now a free man. The troubled R&B singer has been released from jail, according to TMZ. Brown was sentenced to 131 days on May 9 after he admitted that he violated probation last year.

Chris 600Brown was originally sentenced to a year, but he was given credit for the 116 days he had already served in jail and rehab. Brown was thrown back into jail after Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James R. Brandlin ruled he violated probation in the Rihanna case. Brown could have received the maximum penalty of four years.

But all is not clear in Brown’s legal battles. Within the next couple of months, Brown still has to answer to a Washington, D.C., judge when his assault trial begins. Brown faces a misdemeanor assault charge after being accused of hitting a man outside a hotel in March.

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Donald Sterling goes to a black Baptist Church (This is not a joke)

sterling 600Donald Sterling walks into a black church, no seriously, Donald Sterling the embattled Los Angeles owner walked into a South L.A. church and sat for a 2-hour service Sunday, TMZ reports.
It is unclear if Sterling, who arrived at the Praises of Zion Baptist church with bodyguards, came for any other reason that to hear the good word, as he didn’t speak to any members of the church, TMZ reports.

NBA doesn’t need another white billionaire

ballmer 600If Steve Ballmer’s reported offer to purchase the L.A. Clippers is approved by the NBA, many will claim victory over the racist ranting of elderly mad man Donald Sterling. Some of us, however, will not see it as a victory at all.
Another white male billionaire joins one of the most elite clubs in the world – white male billionaires who own sports franchises.  This is not to intimate that Ballmer is racist.  We can and should judge him by his record at Microsoft.
As one of the co-founders, he amassed a considerable fortune, but by some reports the final stages of his tenure at the helm of the company were marked by an inability to acknowledge innovations in the information technology world.