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Cornel West arrested while protesting in Ferguson


People protesting against police misconduct in Ferguson, Mo., continued to capture headlines Monday, especially with one of the nation's most famous public intellectuals, Cornel West, being among those arrested in front of a local police station.

According to a New York Times report, West told the police officers who were keeping demonstrators from entering the police station that he was there to support the youth.  

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Ebola’s other consequence: Conservative fear-mongering

Lee Daniels
The world is rightly on edge over the latest appearance of the lethal Ebola virus. President Obama has committed American troops and millions of American dollars to help those countries in West Africa where it threatens to reach epidemic levels. The diagnosis two weeks ago that Thomas Duncan, a Liberian national visiting relatives and friends in Dallas, was suffering from the virus (he died last week) raised alarm bells throughout the country, prompting government officials and the medical community to check and re-check the multi-faceted preventative “screen” they’ve assembled to defend against the virus.
On Sunday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed that a nurse who had “extensive contact” with Duncan in Dallas has contracted the Ebola virus, the first time it has been contracted by someone inside the United States.

Triple negative breast cancer impacts women of color

Breast Cancer
Every October, people lace up their sneakers and walk to support efforts to find a cure for breast cancer. In a sea of pink, there are heart wrenching stories of survival, homemade signs in memory of loved ones, and hope of a cure for this devastating disease that impacts more than 230,000 women and men every year. Even though many people are aware of breast cancer, there is one strain of this disease that few people know about. It’s triple negative breast cancer, which has higher rates among women of color.

Kroger and BRIDGES USA partner to support youth leadership

The Kroger Delta Division and Bridges USA have embarked on a three-year partnership that includes a $50,000 donation to help promote youth leadership.
The partnership was announced last week at the Kroger location at the corner of Poplar and Highland. It comes about a month after a group of young people attacked three people, including Kroger employees, on the parking lot of the Kroger store in the Poplar Plaza Shopping Center. About two weeks later, another group of young people attacked a car with a woman and her young daughter inside.