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Your source of information for where to go and what to do each weekend in the Greater Memphis area.


* Boo! Ball
7pm-12am | Pink Palace Museum

* River Arts Fest
6pm | S. Main District

* Black Rock Revival
8pm | Minglewood Hall

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Dinaw Mengestu – alive, writing & reading


Dinaw Mengestu will be in Memphis on a mission next month – to stimulate area residents to embrace a deeper and more widespread level of reading. That he is even alive to do so is a story itself.

An Ethiopian immigrant, Mengestu is the author of “The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears.” First published in 2007, it blends fiction with fact and Mengestu’s own history, detailing the experiences of an Ethiopian immigrant living in Washington, DC after fleeing his country’s revolution 17 years earlier.

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The true ‘Church Folks Revolution’


I read an article today by “TJ” of Church Folks Revolution, pimppreacher.com which he titled, “Dear Jim Crow I Think We Need You: What Happened to Black Preachers After 1965.”

“TJ” is an advocate…let me rephrase that. “TJ” is the only activist for social justice within the church that I know of, or ever have known directly. While I don’t agree with the wrath, anger, and searing harsh judgments that he passes on to all of us preachers…the brother has some very good intentions, and most times I agree with him. His site is a daily expose’ unfortunately (or fortunately) of the underbelly of the modern day church, and he always has his facts straight. I checked.

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Providing food and services to the incarcerated


Across the country, attention is focused on economics and crime. Too many times the two are intertwined and the result is incarceration. From Los Angeles to New York, Chicago to Detroit, Atlanta to Memphis, crime is an area of discussion and focus. From prevention to budget, the subject matter always gets its fair share of attention.

But what only a few entrepreneurs focus on is the opportunity to provide goods and services to the incarcerated population. Unfortunately the prison population is not decreasing. It is increasing steadily.  With the increase comes the need for goods and services. While no one is encouraging the increase in the population behind bars, the need and opportunity to service the occupants is real. Someone is currently serving the prisoners, so why should other business owners not consider the opportunity to provide goods and services.

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How to pick the best school for your child


Parents truly do know best. When it comes to a child’s needs, goals and their learning style a parent is the one who knows exactly what it takes for their child to be successful. That’s why school choice matters – parents are empowered to choose the best school for their son or daughter.

While educational choice is expanding across the country and everyday there are even more opportunities out there for a child to attend a high-quality school, it still can be an intimidating task for a parent to find the perfect school for their child to attend. While quality, through examining test scores and Department of Education reports on a particular school, and reputation can be easy to determine in your community, there are many aspects to a school environment that can maximize your child’s potential for success.

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