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Bishop pens practical, prenuptial primer on marriage

"There is an illusion of marriage created by Hollywood... that only exists in the movies and on TV... All 'housewives' are not 'desperate,' and 'How I Met Your Mother' is seldom an accurate depiction of a Godly marriage...

"This book has been written to help couples find fulfillment in marriages and to provide spiritual release to those who have broken the marital covenant


Nicois Harris: ‘Un-de-ni-a-bel’ album gives space to praise

Nicois Harris: ‘Un-de-ni-a-bel’ album gives space to praise

by Alexis Taylor
NNPA News Service

Effortlessly blending the message of Christ with edgy rock, Nicois Harris has once again captured audiences with her second album, "Un-de-ni-a-bel" (Undeniable).

The Arlington, Va. native has returned from her October 2011 mission to Ghana full of inspiration and with an important message that crosses all color and culture lines.


  • Written by NNPA News Service

Stop with the ‘only’ stuff about white, rich, good-hair people

Dear Lucy: There is a woman who has worked with me for 6 years. We have the same job title and she does way less work than I do and gets away with it. Recently a position came up in another department. She applied for it, got it and a substantial increase in pay. I am definitely the better qualified and I have carried her for years and she gets the reward! How is it that people like her always come out on top while those of us who work hard get so much less?


Stretch-run looms for 100-day weight loss competitors

The hundreds of Mid-Southerners participating in the Healthy Church Challenge 100-day weight loss competition have just a few more days to work off a little more weight before the winners are announced on June 17 at the 19th Annual Juneteenth Freedom & Heritage Festival in historic Douglass Park.


  • Written by Wiley Henry

RELIGION BRIEFFS: Heritage Day 2012 at Monumental Baptist

Traditionally, Heritage Day at Monumental Baptist Church is celebrated on the last Sunday May. This year, it will be observed on June 10 as an addition to the activities scheduled during Youth and Young Adult Month.

The purpose is to get more young people involved in learning and honoring their history. "African American history is not to be taught only in the month of February," said the Rev. Samuel B. Kyles, pastor of the church, "but should be taught and cherished on a year-round basis."


‘Messed up’ mind is an opportunity to take control

Dear Lucy: I am having such an awful time paying attention. I am a serious student and just graduated high school. I intend to be somebody and make a difference in the world. But, I just can't concentrate or pay attention anymore. My mind is just thinking all the time. Sometimes it's good stuff and most of the time it's just junk that I can't turn off. My Auntie reads your article and said to ask what you think.


Sexuality-religion issues get Morehouse focus

ATLANTA – Morehouse School of Medicine on Wednesday (May 30) announced the creation of an endowed academic chair devoted to issues related to sexuality and religion.

The Marta S. Weeks and David E. Richards Endowed Chair in Sexuality and Religion will develop innovative health and pastoral services as well as teaching, research and public leadership related to issues that bridge the topics of sexuality, religion and medicine.