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Press ‘play’ then step into your sacred circle

Dear Lucy: I am so bored with my life. It seems that I do the same things over and over. I seem to be in a rut. Nothing really interests me. In one of your articles you talked about the "stupid rest" or being stuck on stupid. Whatever you say I will try.

– Signed: Mary Catherine

Dear Mary Catherine: Well, that makes this tough. What if I suggest something boring?

Recently, I have been thinking a bit like you. So, I decided to activate what I call "The Sacred Circle." The Sacred Circle is the space in which I stand. Whatever I allow in it or whatever is present in my space is also sacred, sharing all that's sacred. That also means that whatever is going on must be good or at the very least OK.

Here is how it works. Everything I do I attempt to practice loving kindness while doing it. I also try to see how much I can expand or "plus" the experience.

For example: This past Saturday I was sitting at home enjoying some reading, finished my article for the week and for about the fifth time in three days it came to me that I should go to the movies. It was 4:10. I checked movies.com to see what was playing at Studio on the Square (my neighborhood theatre) and "Hope Springs" was playing at 4:35. Without stopping to talk myself out of it, I got up and was there at 4:35 on the dot. This works because there's always 10 minutes of commercials before the movie.

I got popcorn, a drink and sat on the very top row. This is a couple's movie and I swear I only saw one other person alone in that movie. I enjoyed the movie (my sacred space for the moment) and when I walked out, that other lone lady smiled sweetly at me and I came back home feeling accomplished. Why? Because, I broke my stupid, did something just for me, and experienced something that I can share with someone in conversation besides the Dillard's sale.

The day before, I got an email from my friend, Ruby, inviting me to attend a talk on a Haitian mission that same evening. It was short notice. I love and respect my friend and rather than go home and risk stupid and boredom, I chose to attend. Knowing that this was the creation of a new sacred circle, I was excited to see what might be in store for me.

I saw several people I had been longing to see without realizing it and so many that I felt privileged to see. I was especially privileged to see how some incredibly awesome people were intentionally creating and helping to sustain sacred circles in a far away place. I was humbled to learn that $127.50 can educate a child in Haiti for a full year. Talk about cutting the boredom and bringing a new opportunity into my sacred circle!

Sunday, as I grundged around about to press my pause button and get stuck on stupid, my son called and brought his wife and my new grandson over. Getting tinkled on by a baby boy is always the thing to get your attention and remind you that life is good! What a sweet circle.

Today is Monday and I went out to run an errand around 4:30. Remembering that I needed to eat, I called and invited a young woman I admire as a daughter to join me for dinner. Maybe she was bored too because she readily agreed to go. I included her, our servers and everyone else in my sacred circle, excited to see what would happen.

The most exciting thing was that, once again, I got the chance to practice loving kindness; to appreciate the weather, the freedom, the food, the service, the new decor in the restaurant, the great conversations, the gas in my car, the car itself....I came home with a heart filled with gratitude. That is the real payoff when we break stupid; the chance to be thankful. Remember, stupid is just a pause, a daze, a stupor. We sometimes need the pause button just so that when we press "play" we can appreciate the music.

Thanks for joining me in my sacred circle. Press "play" and step with grace and loving kindness into yours.

Blessings and Light,


(Check out Lucy Shaw's website at http://www.heartworks4u.com. You may send your questions to her by U.S. mail to: Heartworks4U, LLC; 4646 Poplar Ave. Ste 201, Memphis, TN 38117 or by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .)

(For help with the feelings that get in the way of prayer and peace of mind, get Lucy's new book, "BE NOT ANXIOUS." Order it directly from her at 901-907-0260 or go to her web site www.heartworks4u.com.)


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