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‘Taking the weight off!’

This month, I am doing two public seminars. One on March 17 titled “I don’t want to try to lose weight and fail again!” On Mar 31, I will do a seminar titled, “If only I could get out of this debt…”


This month, I am doing two public seminars. One on March 17 titled “I don’t want to try to lose weight and fail again!” On Mar 31, I will do a seminar titled, “If only I could get out of this debt…”

Of course, if you are interested in either of these, you can call my office at (901) 907-0260 and register. They are priced just right. And whatever it costs, is it time we stopped asking our pocketbooks for permission to become whole? Now, that’s another topic in itself!

Both of these seminar topics are “WEIGHTY” subjects.

I recently read that the Memphis City Council had its budget retreat and the headlines were, “Memphis sinking in debt, city council hears.” They went on to report that the last slide in Director Robert Lipscomb’s presentation about the Memphis economy had a picture of the Titanic sinking into the ocean.  That conjures up a very powerful mental picture of imminent danger, failure and catastrophe.

This may also be the picture you are conjuring up every day about your own debt, health, relationships, work, spiritual stagnation or whatever happens to be your “weighty” burden of the day. As soon as you begin to feel just a little bit calm, you turn on the TV, read the news or talk to a friend who reminds you of the weights of the world! Everywhere we turn there is a reminder of the collective burdens we seem to carry as individuals and as a city and nation.

Weighty issues have a few things in common. First of all, they have a way of making us feel helpless, guilty and somehow to blame for the situation we are in. Secondly, when we try to fix them and it doesn’t work, we feel stupid, not smart or good enough and ashamed. Third, all of this negative emotion around our inability to get the weight off (literally and figuratively) can cause us to simply become STUCK and choose to remain STUCK!  We give up.

Finally, all of the negativity coming from within us and around us just makes it almost impossible to think about the issues with clarity. We lose all perspective and hope. We forget that somewhere there is somebody who doesn’t have this problem that we have and they are no smarter, richer, or special than us. We also begin to filter all of the information that comes to us through the eyeshades of despair, anger, helplessness and jealousy.

And then there is the bigger tragedy where we stop learning or even asking the question, “What positive thing should I be learning in this?” And finally, we tend to close our fists and stop doing the very thing that would help us the most…we stop GIVING. We don’t give our money, our time, or our talents because our every thought is one of scarcity. We begin to believe there is not enough to go around!

So, what I am going to do for the month of March is talk about “Taking the Weight Off!”  It won’t matter if your weight or burden is fat, bills, bad relationships, no job or a bad job, no relationship with God, no church, or whatever. When the weight is on, it is all the same! It’s all about making a decision to get your power back.

Being made whole starts with one question. Jesus frequently asked it or remarked on it when he performed what seemed to be a miracle. “Are you willing to be made whole?”

No matter how long you have been sick, crippled or under the weight of this burden, are you willing to get out from under it? Are you tired of waiting to be rescued? Have you become addicted to just talking about it and being pitiful? He never really asked them to DO anything significant. He simply asked them to first change their minds...To want, to truly desire to be whole.

It could just be that you have fallen into a way of thinking about the burden that does not take you on the path to freedom. Albert Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.”

In the articles this month, I will challenge you to do something differently; to think differently if you want to have different results.

Willing to be made whole,


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(For help with the feelings that get in the way of prayer and peace of mind, get Lucy’s new book, “BE NOT ANXIOUS.” Order it directly from her at 901-907-0260 or go to her web site www.heartworks4u.com.)



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