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5 rules to follow to become a better ‘Me’

LucyShaw-160LIVING THE LIFE I LOVE Dear Lucy: I enjoyed the article about being sixty years old and enjoying life. I have heard you talk about recreating yourself. How does that work? I feel like that's what I need to do. – Looking for a new me

Dear Looking: Well, the first time I learned how to do a remake of Lucy was during a time in my life that I thought something must be wrong with everybody else. I was unhappy, bored and downright miserable. Then I read a self-help book that said something about changing myself if I wanted the world around me to change. It has taken me years to perfect my own formula for change but the first rule is still the same.

Rule 1: It's all about ME. Nothing is ever going on outside of ME. I get to decide how and who I want to be. For example, if I want to be Lucy, the writer, then I can become that Lucy.

Rule 2: I then need to know what kind of writer; does she make money, is she good at it, what does she do with her time, her money? What kind of people does she hang out with? I need to know everything that this Lucy would love and be passionate about. If she was my s-hero, what would she be like?

Rule 3: I imagine myself being this Lucy and doing, being and feeling as I am certain she would. I imagine what it would feel like to hear people saying good things about her or to her.

Rule 4: I go from imagining to actually being that Lucy. In other words, I don't pretend, I become. No pretending. I take on the role of Lucy the writer with integrity, pride, loyalty and passion. What does that mean?

Rule 5: I do, with confidence, everything that I learned in step 2 that successful writers do. I found out that successful writers write something every single day. They write with intentionality. Sometimes my intention is just to practice writing, or to inspire myself or someone else. Great writers tend to be great readers, so I read. They ravenously experience life, so I try not to miss having a life that I enjoy and cherish enough to make better. I especially spend time with like-minded people. I set boundaries that keep me on track as I focus on being this new creation of a bigger, better me.

Most important, I bring with me into every re-creation all of the things that I learned from the last creation that made me a better Lucy. I do not throw away any parts of me that I value. I let go of the ways of being that don't serve me well. I don't discard them because I am ashamed of them. I discard them because I have some new parts of me that can bless me and those around me in bigger ways.

Recreating oneself is all about changing the seat from which you view the world. Take a seat in a new chair, at a new desk and work only from that vantage point. Step into the shoes you want to wear. Everyday that you wear them with confidence they will feel better and better. If after a while, they get too tight or start to hurt, go shopping for a bigger, better pair. And always buy UP...if you wear flip flops, buy the best ones you can find, never hesitating to discard them when they no longer help you to walk upright and feel proud to be who you truly are.



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