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Erectile dysfunction treatable with lifestyle change and diet

Erectile dysfunction is difficult to talk about, especially if you're the one with the problem. But let's talk about it for a moment.

Terry (not his real name) is your typical 39-year-old male in good shape and, in his opinion, eating a balanced diet. He's getting his proper rest as well, but for some reason his sexual performance hasn't been stellar. In fact, he has become somewhat depressed because he feels less than a man. The mention of sex just makes matters worst. And his wife, realizing the thrill is gone, has ceded she might be the problem.

Sound familiar? Terry and his wife are no different than any other couple experiencing sexual problems.

You might say, "What does a plant-based chef know about sex and relationships?" More than you think.

I am a proponent of healthy eating, of course, but I also earned a degree in psychology and counsel men, women and couples with various problems, including sexual dysfunction. In counseling sessions, it nearly always comes down to: "Who's at fault?" "Why me?" or "How can we fix this problem?"

The cause of erectile dysfunction and how it affects the sufferer can be somewhat misleading. ED, or impotence, as it is sometimes called, happens when not enough blood flows to the penis, preventing an erection. The severity of ED varies; some men are incapable of achieving an erection, while others can achieve an erection and can only maintain it for a short time.

ED is a subject that's taboo and too embarrassing for some men to talk about. They're also embarrassed to discuss their sexual problems with their medical doctor. Experts have estimated there are 30 million men in the United States affected by ED. This can affect men at any age, but it's more likely to occur after age 40. Now it's prevalent in younger men.

So what is your performance level? Is ED causing you grief? Don't be afraid to answer. If you want to regain your sex drive, there are some things that have to be changed. You'd have to watch what you're eating, drinking and taking for medication. This can have a grave affect on your body and how it performs.

A man's performance in the bedroom and his manhood are inextricably linked together. If he's not at his best between the sheets, his lackluster performance can affect his personal life and overall health. That's why some me suffer from depression, anger, fear and resentment.

So what is the best method for reversing erectile dysfunction?

Well, there is something that could keep a man from experiencing complete ecstasy: cardiovascular disease (atherosclerosis), which is the narrowing and hardening of arteries that reduce blood flow. Atherosclerosis typically affects arties throughout the body and is triggered by diabetes mellitus, cigarette smoking, high blood cholesterol, hypertension and lifestyle.

When the arteries to the penis and the pelvic organs are narrowed by atherosclerosis, insufficient blood is delivered to the penis to achieve an erection. Your doctor may prescribe a male sexual enhancement drug to help you out temporally. But there are known side affects such as headaches, flushing, abdominal cramps, light-headedness, hearing loss, hypotension, increased heart rate, stokes and blindness.

A lot of health problems stem from taking daily medication. If you want your swagger back, you must change your lifestyle. The No. 1 change has a lot to do with what you eat or consume, because a diet high in fat can cause blockage in your blood flow by causing plaque build up.

The key to regaining your swagger is eating a plant-based diet. It has been shown to help reverse atherosclerosis and help men and women overcome their libido problems. I'm sure if a great sex life is important to you, you're going to change your lifestyle to achieve optimum health.

Whether ED is medical, physical or self-imposed, talk to your partner and doctor to find a way to restore your sexual prowess. You and your partner will be better for it.

(Dr. Timothy Moore teaches nutrition, heart disease and diabetes reversal through a plant-based lifestyle. He is a professional speaker, wellness coach and personal plant-based chef. He is the author of 47 Tips To Reverse Your Diabetes. He can be reached by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , visit him at www.cheftimothymoore.com or follow him at www.twitter.com/ cheftimmoore.)


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0 #2 Erectile Dysfunction 2013-10-07 23:35
i am diabetic ,may be because of that i have, partial erectile dysfuction,i used to take sidenafil,it used to give me solid headaches,i changed to tadalafil tablets. please suggest me any other idea. thanks
0 #1 Scarlet 2012-10-29 19:04
I loved reading this article. It is refreshing to read an ED-related blog that is not trying to shove viagra and other drugs in our eyeballs and snatch money out of our pockets.

A healthy lifestyle is the safest, cheapest, and best 1st line defense and offense when it comes to erectile dysfunction. Thank you for posting this article.

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