Free test-prep program for SAT college test goes online

Move aimed at making the college admissions race less stressful and more fair for students from poorer families.

Google still struggling to diversify beyond white, Asian men

Snapshot follows company’s first public disclosure of the gender and racial makeup of its workforce; spotlight on diversity problem vexing the entire technology industry.

Bricks and Clicks: Global grocery shoppers want a blended experience

Imagine a grocery store where you can receive personal recommendations and offers the moment you step in the store, your checkout takes seconds and you can pay for groceries without ever taking out your wallet. Sound far-fetched?

“Our economic future depends on (getting people online.)”

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) commissioner says,

Prediction: Winner of Mayweather vs. Pacquiao voting on social media

Ready in time for Mayweather and Pacquaio, a new platform developed for fans of any sport to pick a winner and receive direct polling data from millions of voters.

Diversity hackathon laying the groundwork for the future

At the hacking competition, high school and college students were exposed to opportunities in the tech industry while building apps to solve real-world problems.

Computer-related jobs 3 of Top 10 desired careers for urban African American & Hispanic teens

Survey probes how low- to middle-income urban African American and Hispanic teens regard IT jobs, college and future careers.

Online discipline: posting child beatings

The “switch” is giving way to online embarrassment for a growing number of African-American parents and elders.

‘Pretty Like Me, 1’ – It’s an app

Detroit author releases “Pretty like Me” app series.