OPINION: Bernie Sanders’ black women problem

There’s just one issue that his supporters and optimistic writers refuse to consider: the voting power of black women.

OPINION: Welcoming immigrants keeps America great

President Donald Trump was elected on his pledge to make America great again. Yet, for all of his rhetoric, he seems to have forgotten the men and women, from every corner of the globe, who have worked so hard to ...

The Mayweather-McGregor spectacle just became really racist and stupid

Mayweather-McGregor’s New York City appearance at the Barclays Center took boxing into racist theatrics that would make even the WWE cringe.


“It’s ignorant to think that we can make change in one day, one week, one year, and with one group” - Pastor Earle J. Fisher.

Don’t tell me the bridge protest was ineffective

I was there!

Back pay for police who kill?

Another cruel reality of a twisted, perverted system.

Black families believe racial inequality growing in U.S. schools

Black families overwhelmingly believe that their schools are underfunded, and that racial inequality is growing, according to a poll conducted by The Leadership Conference Education Fund and the Anzalone Liszt Grove Research firm.


When will the divisiveness end?

JAY-Z’s new album holds the black community financially accountable

“Financial freedom is my only hope. Forget living rich and dying broke.” - Jay Z.

Hood Health Care: The sweeter the soda, the sweeter the tax

Black America, there are two health facts we should get straight. First, by demographics, we’re the most disproportionately dependent on the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP), or as it’s more commonly known, food stamps. Second, soda is not our friend.

Allow Frederick Douglass to serve you some cold truth on Fourth of July

On July 5, 1852, Frederick Douglass uttered the only real speech you need to hear concerning the Fourth of July.

‘Policing while Black’ is a problem that can’t be ignored

When a Black police officer is shot by a white officer who mistakes him for a regular Black criminal rather than a cop, we are told this is “friendly fire.” Does that mean the bullet doesn’t hurt so much because ...

‘Where is the black girl leadership?’ Wrong question

In the nation’s 100 largest cities, seven women of color serve as mayor; four of which are black.

Forrest and the horse he rides on must go

And we must make it so.

Gil’s Goodwill: The ‘Book of Black Heroes’ interview

For nearly three decades, writer/author Gil L. Robertson IV has used the written word to enlighten, empower and uplift.