Coach Fizdale’s rant, social justice advocacy and the Movement for Black Lives.

How Obama’s education law can help black parents bridge the education gap

The reality for millions of Black American parents in the U.S. is that there is a lingering educational achievement gap between Black students and White students.

How about sparing the kid and not using the rod?

Stacey Patton examines ‘whupping’ kids in her new book, ‘Spare the Kids’

This secret form of voter suppression might be the civil rights issue of our time

When federal judge Nelva Gonzales struck down Texas’ discriminatory voter-identification law on Monday, voting rights advocates applauded the ruling as if the minorities barred from casting ballots had won the Super Bowl.

The Cultural Coach: Connecting the dots between offensive words, flexibility and insights

Should certain words be considered offensive regardless of who is using them?

OPINION: How would MLK respond to Trump’s America?

On the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination, this is as appropriate a time as any to ask how the slain civil rights leader would react to President Donald J. Trump.

OPINION: 7 reasons black America should fight marijuana prohibition

According to the Pew Research Center, a majority of Americans (59 percent) believe that marijuana should be legal, including an identical percentage of blacks.

OPINION: Just a Reminder: The NCAA Is a Plantation, and the Players Are the Sharecroppers

The NCAA makes around $1 billion a year on college athletics. If you add in the $3.4 billion for college football, the total revenue for college sports tops $4 billion—almost all of it from football and basketball.


A conversation about “From Boss Crump to King Willie: How Race Changed Memphis Politics.”

Will driverless vehicles put black people out of work?

Driving while black in America has always been fraught with peril.


More about Ron Brown’s ascension to DNC Chair.

The TSD Interview, Part I: OTIS L. SANFORD

The veteran journalist digs into the history of Memphis politics with his new book, “From Boss Crump to King Willie.”

Teaching ‘our’ history 24-7-365

The erasure of Black History in our classrooms is a crime.


A cultural audit can help identify hidden biases.

Speak out to protect your health

Illinois Congresswoman weighs in on healthcare debate.