Meet the black women seeking to change the face of the DNC

As Democrats regroup and reimagine a stronger and more engaged party, it is imperative they revisit the successes and lessons learned from the past. Black women voters have been the building blocks of winning coalitions for Democrats, a consistent and ...

A my hair-your hair reflection

Boy in touching Obama photo looks back on viral moment: ‘It felt just like my hair.’

Opinion: The incredible legend of the black church

They were actually important to the black community!

Pots & pans: It’s about time it was Oscars-so-black

Hollywood finally might be understanding that anyone’s story can be an American story.

HBCUs should not take Trump’s hush money

In a clearly calculated move, Betsy DeVos’ first stop to a postsecondary institution as the newly minted U.S. secretary of education was to an HBCU—Howard University, “the Mecca” of black education in the United States.


Social bias still in the workplace.


Getting to ‘yes’ requires strategy, and a quiet, firm voice.

TVA should sign up for Plains and Eastern Clean Line project

At one time, our nation built big projects that benefited everyone. The Tennessee Valley’s growth is a product of America’s Greatest Generation building big things.

We need more cultural leaders, fewer cultural cops

The Cultural Coach says actively policing others doesn't necessarily help things.

An Open Letter: America still needs you, Mr. President

In the age of Trump, there's still a need for hope and change, Smith writes.

Why MLK means more now than ever

Another Martin Luther King Day is upon us. And this year, the slain civil rights leader’s birthday comes at a time when America finds itself at a crossroads, and in a very frightening way.

Why some people will always believe ‘fake news’

It is important to understand that “fake news” is a form of propaganda called “black propaganda.”

Why black women must be involved in the women’s march on Washington

Both Black and White women cry a mother’s grief for the loss of a child, and both endure labor pains. Black women’s lives, while similar, are different and often disadvantaged, because they lack the privilege that White women so easily ...


Just step into doing the right thing.

New Year’s resolutions y’all can actually keep

We all do it every year. We make these declarations that we have no intention of keeping. So I’ve saved you all some trouble and listed all the resolutions that me, you and God know good and well you ain’t ...