Violence adds momentum to removal of Confederate statues

Gov. Haslam calls on state lawmakers to remove bust of Nathan Bedford Forrest from Tennessee Capitol.

Police fatally shoot teen outside youth shelter in Marion, Ark.

Victim's name not yet released; Arkansas State Police investigating.

UNCF makes move to enhance outcomes at HBCUs

TSU and two other universities get joint $6 million grant.

Judge bars Tennessee county policy's to lock up children

Judge bars Tennessee county policy's to lock up children.

Tennessee governor signs controversial late-term abortion ban

The new legislation bans abortions beyond fetal viability.

Tennessee lawmakers adjourn session featuring gas tax hike

Tennessee lawmakers have adjourned for the year after a session that featured heavy infighting among the Republican majority about Gov. Bill Haslam’s gas tax hike and other budget issues.

Family of Walter Scott says plea represents justice

Former Charleston police officer makes plea deal in shooting death.

Lumumba wins Democratic primary, likely next mayor of Jackson, Miss.

Looks forward to June General Election.

Tennessee passes sign language bill

The Tennessee Legislature has passed a measure that allows students to take American Sign Language and get credit for their foreign language requirements.

TSU scholarship recipients say ‘thank you’ to donors

TSU President Glenda Glover said scholarship donors help the university stay on the path of excellence by ensuring that students receive quality education through their gifts.

Rep. Turner and state legislature honor civil rights icons

Lee Sisters were called “Most Arrested Civil Rights Family.”

Trumpeting a ‘new and improved TNReady’

Radio ads tout why testing matters.

Gas tax, health care complicate Tennessee governor's race

Wildcard issues make race for Tennessee governor less predictable.

Tennessee man records the moment he was killed by cops on Facebook Live

Rodney James Hess was reportedly acting erratically and tried to hit the police with his car “at least twice” before he was shot, according to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, per NBC News.


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