St. Louis 6-Year-Old Makes Plea in Viral Video:

‘Stop Killing Each Other,' child pleads.

Politics Over Paycheck?

The life of an African American host on Fox News.

No, New Orleans didn't replace a Confederate statue with Obama likeness

The Associated Press fact checks that and other fake news that spread on social media in the past week.

Tulsa leaders urge peace after cop acquitted in man's death

Betty Shelby cleared in shooting death of Terrence Crutcher (pictured with sister).

Commentary: The face of a killer

Savali: White Woman’s fear wins, but don’t ever forget this Is the face of a killer.

Here’s why black teachers are so important to education and to our children

‘Through Our Eyes: Perspectives and Reflection From Black Teachers’ reinforces necessity to get more of them in classrooms.

White police officer sues city for discrimination . . .

... after finding out he had 18 percent African heritage and getting ridiculed for it.

In the 2017 State of Black America Report, blacks show slight gains

In their annual State of Black America report, called “Protect Our Progress,” the National Urban League (NUL) suggested that the nation should invest in a “Main Street Marshall Plan” that would solidify gains made by Black Americans during the Obama ...

President Trump backtracks threat to defund HBCUs

On Monday, President Donald Trump walked back a statement made on Friday suggesting that he did not support setting aside funds for historically black colleges and universities.

Barack Obama receives ‘Profile in Courage’ award

On Sunday, Former President Barack Obama accepted the “Profile in Courage” award from the John F. Kennedy Library and didn’t hold back in a speech in defense of his legacy.

Trump just made the Christian right the most powerful political group in America

Many groups were afraid that Donald Trump’s newly signed executive order would be an attack on LGBT groups and other minorities whose lives and beliefs fall outside of traditional religious thinking.

Affordable Care Act Vs. American Health Care Act:

What's the real difference?

Black Americans are living longer, but need more to improve their lives

While the National Urban League’s State of Black America 2017 report, which was issued Tuesday, is optimistic on some points, it still outlines a lack of access to opportunities for growth and improvement for African-Americans in the United States.

Study proves black teachers have a significant impact on black students

Black students with at least one black teacher are more inclined to continue education.


This May Day, Movements Unite for Labor Protection, Equity and Justice