The descendants of Dred Scott and Chief Justice Roger B. Taney meet

“I got to meet Dred Scott’s descendants and it was very emotional, but very wonderful,” Pete Taney said.

Robert Abbott "Bobby" Sengstacke: (1943-2017)

Former Tri-State Defender publisher and son of TSD founder dies at 73.

The Women of The Root Are on strike today

"A Day Without Women" part of International Women's Strike Day.

Trump praises new health care bill as GOP tries to sell it

Trump's morning tweet: "our wonderful new Healthcare Bill."

Meet Nkechi Amare Diallo

Or "The Woman formerly known as Rachael Dolezal." She's legally had her name changed.

Ben Carson calls slaves ‘immigrants’ during speech

Sameul L. Jackson was NOT happy.

Wells Fargo commits to bolstering African-American homeownership

By 2027, Wells Fargo intends to have helped 250,000 African-Americans become homeowners.

Acknowledging unprecedented support for HBCUs

Executive Order by POTUS earns praise from NNPA President Dr. Benjamin Chavis.

Trump's Presidential Address: The Wypipo Speech

Apparently, black people are racist.

Kellyanne Conway apologizes to black America for her lack of home training

Seriously, Kellyanne?

Supreme Court revives challenge by black voters in Virginia

Spokesman: Gov. McAuliffe "has long believed that Virginia's legislative lines are unconstitutionally racially gerrymandered."

Most African Americans feel taken for granted by Democratic Party

According to a new study conducted by Cornell Belcher and presented to the Congressional Black Caucus, 63 percent of African-Americans feel that they are taken for granted by the Democratic Party.

Trump meets with HBCU presidents, and people aren’t too happy

Dozens of Historically Black College and University leaders met with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office on Monday, just before he is expected to sign an executive order that will provide aide to HBCUs under his “New Deal for ...

The DNC election was a bigger victory for black voters than you think

Over the weekend the Democratic Party elected Tom Perez, a Latino civil rights attorney and former Labor Secretary under President Barack Obama, a man whose only successful campaign was as a county official 15 years ago, to lead the party ...

Google just dropped $11 million to make sure #BlackLivesMatter

According to USA Today, Google just pledged $11.5 million in grants and funding to help organizations fight racial bias.