Texas Teen Ebony Banks, loses battle to cancer four days after meeting Beyoncé

High school holds vigil to commemorate Banks' life.

John Lewis helped squash 'Trumpcare' bill

The Georgia congressman’s speech is an instant classic.

Many governors welcome demise of GOP health care bill

Governors of both parties had warned Congress for weeks that the Republican health care bill threatened to saddle their states with big costs and potentially leave millions of people without coverage, especially because of the cutbacks planned to Medicaid.

Black Lives Matter groups joining forces with wage activists

Echoes of Dr. King's quest for economic justice reverberate through movement.

Twitter trolls Trump meeting with Congressional Black Caucus

The meeting with the executive committee of the CBC comes as Donald Trump navigates a fractured relationship with people of color.

Black millennials feel very hopeful about future, study says

Young African Americans have a lot of "faith that their hard work will pay off" and "they can achieve their dreams," researchers said.

The 10: These African American women are changing the face of tech

The Root and Google's CS Education in Media team to highlight these upcoming tech stars.

Man gets murder conviction tossed after 32 years in prison

Attorney: "Mr. Wilson is elated. He is so glad this is finally over."

Wendi C. Thomas: The dismantling of the EPA should really worry people of color

It matters because so many of us often live near toxic facilities.

GOP health care bill would leave 24 million uninsured

Critics of GOP health care legislation got fresh ammunition from a report that estimates the bill would increase the ranks of the uninsured by 14 million people next year alone, and 24 million over a decade.

AT&T accused of ‘digitally redlining’ poor neighborhoods with slower Internet

Connect Your Community and the National Digital Inclusion Alliance (NDIA), community groups based in Cleveland, have recently issued a report accusing AT&T of “digitally redlining” broadband service in the area.

Protests Rock Ferguson, Mo., after new footage of Michael Brown emerges

New footage just released from the documentary "Stranger Fruit" shows Michael Brown hours before his death and could change the narrative around the events that led to his death.

The Root Read All 123 Pages of Trumpcare

Here's what you need to know.

The descendants of Dred Scott and Chief Justice Roger B. Taney meet

“I got to meet Dred Scott’s descendants and it was very emotional, but very wonderful,” Pete Taney said.

Robert Abbott "Bobby" Sengstacke: (1943-2017)

Former Tri-State Defender publisher and son of TSD founder dies at 73.