WATCH: Ice Cube checks Bill Maher on "house n---a" remark

Maher apologizes for blunder, then gets schooled by Cube and Dr. Michael Eric Dyson.


Jury hears Bill Cosby's apology for 2004 sexual encounter.

Use-of-force expert: Minnesota officer justified in shooting

Philando Castile informed officer he had a gun before he was shot.

In every service branch, black troops more likely to be punished by commanders, courts: Report

Black service members are up to two times more likely to face court-martial or other forms of military punishment than their white counterparts in an average year, an analysis by advocacy organization Protect Our Defenders has revealed.


Accuser's mother bolsters story Cosby drugged, assaulted her.


Iconic TV dad's legacy and freedom at stake.

'He doesn't get a pass'

Rev. Al Sharpton slams Bill Maher over use of N-word.

Perfect Attendance

This high school grad hasn’t missed a day of school in 13 years.

How this 'very smart brotha' is raising very smart kids

An interview with popular blogger Panama Jackson.

D.L. Hughley on Kathy Griffin:

'If you got mad at her and didn’t say (anything) about Ted Nugent, you’re a hypocrite.'

VIDEO: "Where did Obama go?"

Girl, we feel you. Two terms just wasn’t enough. Blame the Constitution.

Trump administration’s failure to recognize Haiti is a painful American tradition

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly announced Monday that he has extended Haiti’s Temporary Protected Status for six more months.

West Virginia town gets its first black female police officer

Diggs: “To me, it’s not a big deal. I just put on a uniform and start my day, just like any other police officer does in this city."

Lesbian "bruh-therhood" Omicron Psi Omega bites attitude, moves off black fraternity

But have they gone too far?

Race, gender, fame questions loom as Cosby jurors sought

Trial set to start on June 5.