Greater Metro

Turn the shooter in!

Killing of two year old prompts calls to let “the law take its course.”

Opposition boiling amid request to end federal oversight of Juvenile Court

“Clearly it’s not time to be let off of investigation,” Shelby County Board of Commissioners Chairman Melvin Burgess said Wednesday, delivering a passionate retort to Shelby County Mayor Mark H. Luttrell Jr.

Taking it LITE has students thinking business

LITE uses a long-term model to work with students ages 17 to 25. The organization focuses on tackling the fundamental challenges of starting a business; but the vision is much bigger than entrepreneurship.

Memphis Gun Down set on changing behavior, hearts

It is the sixth year in which Memphis Gun Down has zeroed in on establishing a “Safe Zone” by extending the hours of community centers during the summer months.

Here comes the DOJ to help Memphis fight violent crime

Justice Department targets assistance for Memphis, Jackson, Tenn. and 10 other cities.

FedEx tops 4Q forecasts with boost from online shoppers

FedEx Corp.'s latest quarterly profit beat Wall Street expectations thanks to higher rates and an increase in deliveries, as the company continues to benefit from the growth in online shopping.

Does Juvenile Court still warrant DOJ’s watchful eye?

Request backed by county mayor seeks to end an agreement mandating changes and oversight. Move irks critics of Juvenile Court operation.

Memphis charter school applicants should go back to the drawing board, says staff

All 14 groups seeking to start or expand charter schools in Memphis in 2018 are getting an early icy reception from Shelby County Schools.

New principal named for Memphis school at the center of grading investigation

Shelby County Schools is turning to a veteran principal with school turnaround experience to take the helm of Trezevant High School, where its last leader unearthed grading irregularities that have shaken the entire district.

Report: Trial set for Darrius Stewart wrongful death lawsuit

LocalMemphis reporting that trial set for next June.

Growth on the menu for HBCU Reunion Weekend

The fifth annual HBCU Reunion Weekend brought together alumni excited to celebrate their alma maters while also allowing the community a chance to ask questions and talk about historically black colleges and universities.

Keynoter to address ‘irrelevance’ at NAACP centennial celebration

Scholar and former MSNBC host Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry will keynote the NAACP Centennial Celebration. Former U.S. Congressman Harold Ford Jr. will also be a featured guest.

Election serves as a learning lab for Young Dems

For Danielle Inez, the newly-elected president of the Shelby County Young Democrats, it’s nice that the political establishment is starting to recognize and speak to the concerns of “millennial voters.” But it’s not enough.

LOC vice president resigns amid faculty discord

The Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs at The Le-Moyne Owen College, Dr. Alfred Hall, is leaving the college and his position now is listed as an available employment opportunity on the LOC website.

LeMoyne-Owen stakeholders poised to forge ahead

Students form campus-based PR company to push the positive.