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Clamor for change in Memphis

Protests, denunciations and new legislation rev up push to remove Confederate-era monuments.

‘Where Do We Go From Here’

Freedom Award event will honor a musician and humanitarian, the daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., an attorney tracking hate and 1968 sanitation workers.

With solar eclipse looming, shuttered school planetarium represents ‘missed opportunity’ for Memphis students

Sitting on the hot sidewalk outside of Craigmont High School in Memphis, ninth-graders wearing paper lab coats carefully connect a gas sensor to a plastic bottle filled with fresh spinach.

The Masqueraders putting on a show for ‘America’s Got Talent’

“I Ain’t Got To Love Nobody Else” put The Masqueraders on the map in 1968 but the soul and gospel music group struggled to find consistency after producing that hit record.

Crosstown High wins $2.5 million to help reinvent high school

Leaders of Crosstown High announced Wednesday that it’s receiving the money over five years from the XQ Super School Challenge, an initiative backed by Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

Documentary pivots off ‘Hollywood’ Raiford to probe ‘Black America USA’

In an intriguing match-up of ambition and subject matter, former kickboxing world champ turned entrepreneur Anthony “Amp” Elmore has created a documentary about legendary Memphis nightclub personality Robert “Hollywood” Raiford.

Take them down now!

Activists call for immediate removal of Confederate statues.


Rhodes College’s ‘new’ vice president and dean of students is a familiar face

Fire Department’s EMS aims to provide ‘The Right Response’

The Memphis Fire Department’s Emergency Medical Services has launched a new initiative called “The Right Response” to streamline responses to emergencies based on callers’ individual needs.

Rev. Jesse Jackson praises Memphis progress on awarding contracts to African Americans

But city officials, CME leaders say there's still more work to do.

Horror in Charlottesville

Memphians register their concerns about the tragedy and its source.

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Jesse Jackson in Memphis this weekend

The Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, president/founder of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, will join CME Bishop Henry M. Williamson Sr. and church officials to bring awareness to the $5 million renovation and expansion of Collins Chapel Connectional Hospital on Saturday at ...

First day signals a new day at Dunbar Elementary

When the future of your school has been resurrected from the grave list of schools targeted for closure, the first day of the new school year warrants the kind of red-carpet treatment students and parents received at Dunbar Elementary School ...

C3 summit yields land bank plans, more

Coalition of Concerned Citizens (C3) member Lorrie Pafford Garcia capped off a dual event for the group on Saturday (August 5 ) by announcing that a study is underway to create a land bank aimed at giving more people an ...