Man gets murder conviction tossed after 32 years in prison

Attorney: "Mr. Wilson is elated. He is so glad this is finally over."

Wendi C. Thomas: The dismantling of the EPA should really worry people of color

It matters because so many of us often live near toxic facilities.


Trump celebrates Andrew Jackson: 'Does that sound familiar?'

MPD moves to invest ‘more resources in community, not crime’

The collaborators powering a new Memphis-area nonprofit don’t dispute that there is a gap between law enforcement officers and the communities that those officers serve.

Kyle Veazey: Meeting people where they are

Mayor’s deputy communication director hears Frayser residents’ concerns.

Haslam uncertain of Tennessee impact of GOP health plan

Hopes Trump will offer clarity during Nashville visit.

Protests Rock Ferguson, Mo., after new footage of Michael Brown emerges

New footage just released from the documentary "Stranger Fruit" shows Michael Brown hours before his death and could change the narrative around the events that led to his death.

The Root Read All 123 Pages of Trumpcare

Here's what you need to know.

The descendants of Dred Scott and Chief Justice Roger B. Taney meet

“I got to meet Dred Scott’s descendants and it was very emotional, but very wonderful,” Pete Taney said.

Vouchers in Tennessee - an explainer

Here’s what you need to know about Tennessee’s latest voucher proposal.

Ladies In Need Can Survive

Organization provides troubled women with resources for success and freedom.

Robert Abbott "Bobby" Sengstacke: (1943-2017)

Former Tri-State Defender publisher and son of TSD founder dies at 73.

Her Prom Closet supplies dresses and life lessons

Davina Jones: “There is a bigger picture to this. The overall thing is about giving back and blessing others."

Council OKs Beale St. Bucks donation to MPD

Concerns rise over district oversight.

‘Speed Repping’ Town Hall gets encore invitations

All it takes is three minutes to talk to city officials....