PHOTOS: Legends & Leaders Gala 2017

TSD presents and evening to remember at Dominos' Event Center at St. Jude's.

Texas Teen Ebony Banks, loses battle to cancer four days after meeting Beyoncé

High school holds vigil to commemorate Banks' life.

John Lewis helped squash 'Trumpcare' bill

The Georgia congressman’s speech is an instant classic.

MLGW gets $1 million from TVA to address extreme energy burdens

The Tennessee Valley Authority on Wednesday detailed the allocation of $1 million dollars to be spent in Memphis on energy efficiency and weatherization improvements for low-income communities.

Black Lives Matter groups joining forces with wage activists

Echoes of Dr. King's quest for economic justice reverberate through movement.

On Newsstands NOW: The Tri-State Defender

Featuring: Is that really W.C. Handy's Piano? Plus, Henri Brooks' court victory and Memphis Black Restaurant Week!

Legends & Leaders: From the Publisher and CEO

Connecting legends and leaders with purpose and intention.

Beale Street Tourism Authority could be on its way out

City Council committee vote signals desire for change.

Blight battle finds focus at Aretha Franklin's birthplace

But Memphis leading the way with anti-blight charter.

Tennessee man records the moment he was killed by cops on Facebook Live

Rodney James Hess was reportedly acting erratically and tried to hit the police with his car “at least twice” before he was shot, according to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, per NBC News.

The 10: These African American women are changing the face of tech

The Root and Google's CS Education in Media team to highlight these upcoming tech stars.

CLASSIQUE: A fashion show for curves features 'Project Runway' designer

Unique event highlights fashion forward designs that cater to full-figured women.

Man gets murder conviction tossed after 32 years in prison

Attorney: "Mr. Wilson is elated. He is so glad this is finally over."

Wendi C. Thomas: The dismantling of the EPA should really worry people of color

It matters because so many of us often live near toxic facilities.


Trump celebrates Andrew Jackson: 'Does that sound familiar?'