#2016TaughtMe: What were the biggest lessons you learned this year?

This was a particularly morbid year, but at least there were plenty of lessons amid the madness.

Could more school choice equal more problems in education under Trump?

The fight between public and private control over schools is about to get heated.

My shelf discovery

A chance encounter with the "Anthology of American Negro History."

Should people really lose their jobs when they say something racist on social media?

It may be satisfying to see racist comments swiftly addressed, but the trend of employers firing employees for social media posts should give pause to those of us who live and breathe on social media.

Joe McKnight and the fear of the black man

More times than not, white people can lawfully fear for their lives for coming into contact with African-Americans.

Just because you’re my father doesn’t mean you’re my parent

Sometimes, if you’re not able to step up to the plate as a parent, it’s best to step away.

COMMENTARY: Democrats should pick a leader from their strongest voting bloc: black women

The leadership of the Democratic Party, at the highest levels, has consisted of mostly White men and women and a handful of Latinos.

Eboni K. Williams brings her independent voice to Fox News

The 2016 Presidential Election interview with Kam Williams

‘Make America Great Again’ billboard sparks controversy in Mississippi

Here's the thing: For Freedoms' "Make America Great Again" billboard seems more triggering for black people than a wake-up call for white people. If being subversive is the point, it's a fail for me.


Four more things for African Americans to consider in Trump’s America.

Even in death, Trevor Thompson teaches us about sickle cell

Founder of Sickle Cell Foundation of Tennessee died of the disease Thursday.

Donald Trump, the Dred Scott decision and you – what are you going to do?

The outcome on Election Day was a stark reminder of who this country was created to benefit.

We are the future our ancestors fought for

If you didn’t vote, you need to look inside and figure out why; but acting like you’ve earned the right not to vote is disrespectful to all those before us who gave their lives for us.

Donald Trump is the President-Elect. What do we do now?

It’s hard to believe the guy whose candidacy was originally taken as a reality television joke and then as an offensive and perhaps dangerous development is now the president elect.

It’s Election Day

You know what to do.