Area minister’s march against hate turns into harrowing, violent tale.

Three ways the black church can practice economic justice

‘Detroit’ movie offers lessons for people of faith, says Pastor Earle Fisher.

COMMENTARY: After Charlottesville, I asked my dad about Selma

Over the weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia, white supremacists held a rally that escalated into violence. An activist, a paralegal named Heather Heyer, was killed after a man drove his car into a crowd of protesters.

COMMENTARY: I’m empty-nesting

...Now what?

10 things to help black students prepare for life at a PWI

Attending a PWI (predominantly white institution), I was ever aware of the fact that I was an “other.” - Lawrence Ware


This time, the name is Andrew Kearse.

Working strategically to get justice

In pursuit of the story of Andrew Kearse’s death and the subsequent push for justice, I talked with Hawk Newsome of Black Lives Matter Greater New York. Every time you hear a new story such as Kearse’s, you are outraged, ...


For Wilkins, new life mission emerges amid health challenge.

Black Wealth 2020

New economic justice movement aims to ‘turbo charge’ black wealth in America.

R. Kelly, Usher, Kevin Hart:

I suspected. But what was I supposed to do?

Locker Room Talk: What kind of black man will O.J. Simpson be now?

Chris Darden, a prosecutor in the ’95 murder trial, says money and fame got him off again.

Go away, O.J. . . .

A diminished Juice brings back all the stains that can’t be scrubbed clean.

"Have we made progress?" — A follow-up response

Fisher pushes back about recent MABJ panel, progress of movement.

My high school told me to apply to 100 colleges — and I almost lost myself in the process

High schools have become obsessed with “million-dollar scholars,” and it’s hurting students.

False MLGW, Z-Bo rumor inspires wave of true generosity

When MLGW kiosks went bananas on the morning of July 8, thousands of people lined up at payment centers to pay their utility bills.