PERSPECTIVE: We must have a new Poor People’s Campaign and Moral Revival

Bishop William Barber calls for a community to mobilize — and act.

Black-and-white Emmys reflect TV’s narrow ethnic view

Not ONE Latino actor deserved a nomination?

How this country’s historical efforts to prevent the education of black people have continued into the 21st century

Preventing a group of people from being educated is a good way to hold them down in a society dependent on their subordination and their miseducation.

Obama blasts Trump on DACA

Former President Barack Obama's Facebook post prompts a longing for the days when the president acted presidential.

Why aren’t there more black WWE stars?

Black success in wrestling has never been an issue of skill or talent; it has always been a matter of booking.

THE CULTURAL COACH: As Ferguson rebuilds, city eyes its youth and surprising new relationships

Cordell Lewis manages Ferguson’s Starbucks, which opened with a unique mission last year.

Race and class are the biggest issues around Hurricane Harvey...

... and we need to start talking about them, writes Charles Ellison of The Root.


Area minister’s march against hate turns into harrowing, violent tale.

Three ways the black church can practice economic justice

‘Detroit’ movie offers lessons for people of faith, says Pastor Earle Fisher.

COMMENTARY: After Charlottesville, I asked my dad about Selma

Over the weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia, white supremacists held a rally that escalated into violence. An activist, a paralegal named Heather Heyer, was killed after a man drove his car into a crowd of protesters.

COMMENTARY: I’m empty-nesting

...Now what?

10 things to help black students prepare for life at a PWI

Attending a PWI (predominantly white institution), I was ever aware of the fact that I was an “other.” - Lawrence Ware


This time, the name is Andrew Kearse.

Working strategically to get justice

In pursuit of the story of Andrew Kearse’s death and the subsequent push for justice, I talked with Hawk Newsome of Black Lives Matter Greater New York. Every time you hear a new story such as Kearse’s, you are outraged, ...


For Wilkins, new life mission emerges amid health challenge.