Vigil-night shootings demand strong response from community

"I watched in horror on Monday evening what should have been a somber and reflective television news story about the community’s efforts to heal from the murder of a teenage girl a year ago."


In 2014, a Georgia jury acquitted Ramad Chatman of armed robbery. So why is he still in jail until 2022?

WATCH: Cornell West and Bill Maher argue over West not voting for Clinton

Oh, and Neil deGrasse Tyson watches the fireworks.

What it costs to give black mothers a second chance

When Sheritha Scott found out about National Mama’s Bailout Day, she had reason not to trust it.

Commentary: The face of a killer

Savali: White Woman’s fear wins, but don’t ever forget this Is the face of a killer.

Climate change is creating climate refugees

As more places become unlivable . . . where will the people go?

Wendi C. Thomas: Stop using basketball as a Band-Aid for racial progress

The Grizzlies, or any NBA team, can’t fix what systemic racism created.

Here’s why black teachers are so important to education and to our children

‘Through Our Eyes: Perspectives and Reflection From Black Teachers’ reinforces necessity to get more of them in classrooms.

It’s about elevating the discussion – not Rev. Jackson

Case in point of why it’s difficult for the black community to advance: Many of us are more focused on dissecting and even denigrating the presence and efforts of the Rev Jesse Jackson than we are on the purpose that ...

Nobody has a monopoly on the movement

In the past few years there have been many organizations, coalitions, institutions, and individuals that have formed, emerged, and recalibrated themselves to participate in the necessary work of social justice and (for some of us) black liberation.

Pots & Pans: Those majestic church hats are the crowns our mothers wear

Let’s celebrate all mothers on Mother’s Day, no matter their backgrounds, color, religion or headdress.

A unified effort to save our children

As we approach the end of another school year, it’s very important the children of this city have a safe and productive summer.


Countering the “public persecution of my dad.”


Taking care of the earth is God’s work — and ours.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Why we must focus on black girls and child sexual abuse

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Every year during this time, there are campaigns across the country that highlight the dangers of acquaintance or “date” rape.