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5 surprising facts on the wage gap for women of color

We all have heard about the “20 percent” pay wage gap, but for women of color it’s even wider.

4 reasons to steer clear of romance in the workplace

As innocent and convenient as it may seem to let a little flirtation with a co-worker turn into something a bit more, you might find it’s not worth the headache.


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African Americans are working more than ever, but pay hasn’t caught up

Low-wage African-American workers have increased annual work hours most since 1979.

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Hard times for Sears as retailer notes substantial doubt about future

Dramatic admission from firm that has long held fast to its stance that a turnaround is possible.


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If you ‘feel’ your employer has wronged you, get out of your ‘feelings’ — and get some evidence

What should you do if you “feel” you are the subject of discrimination on the job? Where should you even start? These are among the many questions employees ask when they are not quite sure what to do or how ...


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‘FinTech’: A way to make money from mobile?

Financial technology could be equalizer for people of color.

Uniworld Group promotes Edwards, Ivey at nation’s oldest multicultural marketing firm

Gregory Edwards has been promoted to Executive Vice President / Chief Operating Officer and Matilda Ivey has been appointed to SVP / Director of Client Services.

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City official: Memphis has made progress with minority contracts, but it’s not time to celebrate yet

Meet Kelley Bynum. She, along with her husband, founded SKB Facilities & Maintenance, a local janitorial service that the couple has been working on for close to 10 years; all while working full-time jobs.

OneUnited Bank, Black Lives Matter team up to organize Black America’s spending power

OneUnited Bank, the largest black-owned bank in America, and the Black Lives Matter movement are coming together to help black America organize around its spending weight, and are introducing a special debit card to give the initiative a symbol, just ...