How to eat healthy at a BBQ | 5/17/2017, 10:55 a.m.
Healthy eating at a BBQ; that doesn’t even sound fun!

Healthy eating at a BBQ; that doesn’t even sound fun! In fact, I’m not sure if BBQ and healthy even belong in the same sentence. I mean, just think about all the sauces.The BBQ sauce alone is a sugary disaster for any diet. And let’s not even talk about your take-home plate to feed you for the next five days. I know this concept of eating healthy at a BBQ sounds insane and completely unattainable, but you might be pleasantly surprised it’s possible.

After you get over the awkward comments and stares, and build up enough dedication you can successfully enjoy the summer BBQ without kicking your diet to the curb.

Crunchy Cravings

Salted potato chips can be addicting! I mean, who doesn’t love a good salty, crunchy snack. Try skipping the chips and chomp on some celery and carrot sticks. The fiber will actually fill you up quicker than a chip can, and it’s a lot less of a calorie overload. If you must have a plate of chips, seek out a bag of the baked or popped option.

No More Creamy Cheesy Dips

Sour cream and nacho dips are such a great way to ruin your calorie-cutting lifestyle. Th issue with this is portion control. It’s hard to manage how much you are eating. It’s better to try to substitute those dips for yogurt-based options. Or try fresh salsa. It’s a healthier, calorie-friendly option.

Sugary Drinks

Alcoholic beverages and soda pops are a quick way to drink all of your calories in just a few sips. They pack a huge punch with it comes to the amount of sugar involved. Not to mention they offer no nutritional value whatsoever, in fact, they will likely just further dehydrate you while you are out in the sun. Go for water instead.

Be Social

Make sure you spend more time socializing and enjoying the company of others than you do eating. It plays to your advantage. You’ll likely not overstuff your face if you are too busy having conversation.


Don’t be shy or fearful of bringing your own food. There is nothing wrong with bringing your own healthier option like a piece of salmon, a turkey burger or chicken.

Remove The Skin

According to a study covered by the Harvard School of Public Health, “There is about a 50-calorie difference between skinless chicken and chicken with the skin on.” Removing the skin from chicken at a barbecue can instantly cut back on your fat and calorie intake. Go with the grilled chicken or when no one is looking just peel it right off of the fried.


When garnishing your burger put as much fresh veggies such as lettuce and tomato on the burger. In fact the more you put the better, as it will help fill you up and you won’t go back from seconds.

Choose Wisely

There will likely be a ton of dessert options. The best thing to do is limit yourself to just one treat. One and done, and don’t let anyone guilt you into more than that!