5 tips to avoid vacation weight gain

BlackDoctor.org | 7/7/2017, 10:18 a.m.
After all the planning, saving, dieting, and sweating, you finally made it to that special vacation. More than likely you’ve ...

After all the planning, saving, dieting, and sweating, you finally made it to that special vacation. More than likely you’ve worked your butt off to look and feel your best for this trip. Now, only one question remains: how do you enjoy your trip without ruining all your hard work? Trainer and fitness blogger, Sharita Jennings of GetFitLikeThat.com, shares her personal tricks to stay more or less on track while taking full advantage of that vacation life.

1. Start the Day Off Moving

No matter how late you sleep in, you can get yourself some extra energy and a few extra calories to work with by going for a run, hike, or a stroll around your new destination. However you do it, aim to cover a couple of miles to made a real difference. The goal here is to create a calorie deficit so that you have some wiggle room for those extra drinks and treats while living it up on vacation. Keep in mind, though, that walking or jogging a mile burns about 100 calories. So this won’t totally erase the 5 margaritas from the night before, but it will help!

2. Beware of the Frozen Drinks

That all-inclusive vacation is a great idea because everything is taken care of and the drinks are endless and available all day—and night—long. Of course, all you want is that pretty frozen drink at the pool bar, and you should definitely have it! Just be aware that these drinks are typically the highest in sugar and sometimes the lowest in alcohol (oh no!). Aim to strike a balance by choose simpler drinks here and there so that you can hold onto to that body you arrived with.

3. Start Every Meal with Fresh Fruit or Salad

As often as you can, choose some fruits and veggies at every meal. These foods are packed with fiber, and they’ll help to regulate your system during your vacation. This trick can also help you to control your appetite before you chow down on that buffet or oh-so decadent meal.

4. Stay Hydrated

Dehydration is the biggest vacation-body killer. From the moment you enter the airport you’re less likely to get your normal amount of water in, and this is the time when it matters most. Try to drink all day long, from the airport to the plane, and all day long while on your trip. Not getting enough water is usually why people get “backed up” while away, which can also lead to swelling of joints, belly bloat, and that puffy look in the face. Try to pack your own bottle and fill up whenever you can. Water also helps to recharge your immune system to help you avoid getting sick while on your dream vacation. Not to mention, water can keep the hangover at bay as well!

5. Ditch the Stress

Even if you go ham on vacation and you drink and eat till your heart’s content, you’ll still be doing wonders for your health by letting go of your stress. Don’t worry too much about getting in all your miles, and just do whatever you can while you’re away. You’ll reap plenty of benefits by having fun exploring and getting to know a new destination. Bonus points if you can take some of these tips to heart, but there’s no need to put too much pressure on yourself.

Bon Voyage! The gym will be waiting when you return . . .