Yes, even you can resist food temptation (here's how) | 4/8/2017, 12:44 p.m.
Resisting temptation is easy when you’re motivated, but how do you resist temptation when it gets tough?

Starting a fitness goal is empowering and refreshing. It feels great to set big goals for yourself and start on them with much enthusiasm and optimism. Resisting temptation is easy when you’re motivated, but how do you resist temptation when it gets tough?

We’ve all encountered those pro dieters and think to ourselves ,“How do they do it?” Truth is, they don’t have anything you don’t; they have simply practiced saying “no” over and over again until it becomes second nature.

Take the first steps towad being the next dieting pro with these tips to help fight those urges to give in to your cravings.


This is the most effective way to resist temptation. It is also the most difficult, but there is a reason why meal prep is becoming more popular than ever. Preparing your meals ahead of time takes out the guess work when it’s time for food and eliminates the option for something much less diet friendly.

Meal prep might seem intimidating but simplify your diet as much as possible and play around with condiments (with moderation, of course). It doesn’t take any extra time to throw a few extra pieces of chicken breast in the oven and this simple process is the start of developing better habits that benefit you in the future.

When your meals are prepared, you are not relying on your will (which is short lived) to get you to your goals. It does the hard part for you; you are reprogramming your brain to not make food choices out of convenience and that automatically cuts out a lot of processed foods. It is important to also make sure you prepare the right foods in the right amount. Whole foods keep you fuller longer which ties into the next most important factor in resisting temptation.

Eat regular meals

Hunger is a trap when dieting. When you get hungry you crave fatty and/or sugary foods and even worse, your willpower sinks to zero. Eat smaller, more frequent meals with a variety of different whole foods to combat temptation. Whole foods have two great benefits:

They are nutrient dense so you need less of it to feel satisfied.

Unlike processed foods, you will stay full longer.

These two things will cut your cravings in half. Imagine all the calories saved without you even trying! It may be a battle of will at first, but if you stick through it, it will get easier and you can eat clean for longer periods of time.


This may seem bizarre but think of meditation as hitting the reset button on your brain. When faced with temptation, fighting your inner self with wanting to indulge and the other part of you that says you shouldn’t is exhausting. In some cases, you just give in with a resounding “Forget it!”, throwing in the towel on the torture session and reaching for that sweet treat. Don’t let this inner war set you back on your goals. Take a few minutes if you can (make a quick trip to the bathroom if necessary), close your eyes and just breathe. Dump out all the noise that’s fighting for your attention and start over refreshed and re-energized. It works in a pinch!

Physically leave

Out of sight out of mind. Don’t underestimate your brain’s reactions to sight, sound and smell. These things influence your will and sometimes physically leaving the space can help you think clearly.

When you are right in front of your favorite smelling/looking/tasting food your brain says, “But I want it!” When you’re away from it all you start to think, “It’s not worth it,” and there is nothing around to convince you that it is.

These are small, yet effective, tricks you can begin to implement today that will bring you one step closer to not only completing your fitness goals, but to becoming a stronger person as well. You can get better at resisting temptation and before you know it you will be a pro at saying “no.”