You Gotta see Taraji! | 4/25/2014, 9:25 a.m.

KW: I had never heard of Catana Starks before seeing this film. Why do you think she's so unheralded?
TPH: Honestly, I don't know. Maybe, because she didn't coach at an Ivy League or big name school, but at an historically-black university. That's another reason why I did the film. I felt the world needed to know about this woman, which is what we're trying to do now.

KW: Editor/Legist Patricia Turnier asks: "Are you an athletic person? In other words, what are the similarities and differences between you and Catana Starks?"
TPH: (Chuckles) I'm not really an athlete, though I'm quite capable of playing one on TV or film. (LOL) I've been to the driving range, and I do have good hand-eye coordination, but that's about it. I'm not going to try to play basketball.

KW: Patricia also asks: "What does Catana Starks mean to you and how did you prepare for the role?"
TPH: She means the world to me, because she proved that you can accomplish anything in life as long as you believe, have faith and work hard. How did I prepare for the role? I spent a lot of time at the driving range and talking to Dr. Starks before filming. Because she wasn't a recognizable figure, I wasn't worried about walking or sounding like her, I just wanted to bring her essence to life. And that's all she was concerned about too.

KW: Has she seen the film? What did she think of it?
TPH: Yes she has, and I think she's quite happy about it.

KW: Patricia closes by saying: "I really enjoyed your performance and your character, Lauren, in "Think like a Man." I can't wait to see "Think like a Man Too" this summer. Is there anything you can share about the sequel without spoiling it?
TPH: We go to Vegas, and one of the couples is getting married, but I can't say who it is. It is hilarious! Some people say it's funnier than the first one. But you be the judge, Patricia.

KW: Environmental activist Grace Sinden says: "You've had a successful career in movies and television. What aspect of your work has given you the greatest satisfaction?"
TPH: What gives me the greatest satisfaction is the number of people I can affect with my gift, with what I do. That's the most important thing to me, more important than any trophy or award.
KW: Grace has a follow-up. "Do you want your son to have a life in show business?"
TPH: I want him to find his own passion, whatever that is. I just want him to be happy and successful in whatever he decides to do.

KW: Robin Beckham of PittsburghUrbanMedia says: "It was recently reported that Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan are making a sequel to "Karate Kid." Will you be rejoining the cast as Jaden's mother?
TPH: I hope so, if that rumor's true.

KW: Harriet Pakula-Teweles says: "I'm really sorry you got killed off on the TV show "Person of Interest." You work with ease in movies, music and TV. Which of these media is your favorite and how does it best show your talents?"
TPH: I would have to say movies are my favorite. I love doing TV, too, but it's always rush, rush, rush. With a feature film, those moments and scenes get a chance to breathe, because you don't have to accomplish as much in one day.