Russell Simmons Sell Us Out With ‘Harriet Tubman Sex Tape’! | 8/14/2013, 10:24 p.m.
<div><div id="attachment_2678103" class="wp-caption alignnone"><noscript></noscript><p class="wp-caption-text">Screenshot from “Harriet Tubman Sex Tape.”</p></div><p><strong>UPDATE</strong>: Russell Simmons took down the tape from his website, but ...

Screenshot from “Harriet Tubman Sex Tape.”

UPDATE: Russell Simmons took down the tape from his website, but news one has a copy of it that you can watch below. He also issued an apology. “Do you buy Simmons’s apology? Take our poll at the bottom of our story to answer!


The ancestors, from those who perished during the Trans-Atlantic Slave voyage to the souls who were raped and murdered on American soil, are turning over in their graves in utter disgust at the reality that a venture backed by a Black man would disrespect their sacred history by parodying it with a sex tape of their struggles.

On the very first day Russell Simmon‘s “All Def Digital” YouTube page was born, it managed to desecrate Harriet Tubman – one of the greatest Americans our country has even known.

All Def Digital published a video titled the “Harriet Tubman Sex Tape,” which parodies the efforts of a woman who successfully lead hundreds of enslaved Black men and women to freedom. During the three and half minute clip, the implication is that the only way Ms. Tubman was able to free so many Black people was for her to sleep with their White plantation owners.

Watch Harriet Tubman Sex Tape below:

“Are you sure this gon’ work, Ms. Harriet?,” the actor playing a slave seeking his freedom asks.

“This our only chance to getting freedoms,” the female actor playing Harriet Tubman replies.

After the enslave Black man hides in the closet, the slave master enters the bedroom and Harriet beds him. To make the insult even worse, the video visualizes Harriet Tubman engaging in very aggressive sex with the White slave master. After their tryst, Tubman blackmails the slave master by saying she has “leverage.” The slave hiding in the closet peeks through the closet door with a video camera in hand that supposedly captures their entire sexual romp.

I am not sure why anyone would think this would be funny, nor can I comprehend how any Black actor would agree to participate in such coonery. Perhaps the intellectual depth of their humor amounts to nothing more than the antebellum humor with which house Negros would have entertained their slave masters. What is clear is their astonishing disregard — and ignorance — of their history.

So, for those who do not know who the real Harriet Tubman is, allow me to educate you:

1. Even though Ms. Tubman escaped slavery around 1844 and made it to Philadelphia, she risked her own life by making 19 trips to the south to recover hundreds of enslaved Blacks.

2. There was a $40,000 bounty on her head at the time. At one point, she overheard some men reading a wanted poster, which stated she was illiterate. She pulled out a newspaper to fool the men into thinking otherwise.

3. In case any of the enslaved Blacks she was leading to freedom had second thoughts, she carried a gun which she threatened to use on anyone who wanted to go back to “master.”