A Memphis Original! Designs and Punchlines: A New Concept in Entertainment

redward@realtimesmedia.com | 4/19/2013, 9:58 a.m.


ESB:  You want to answer that Niki or you want me to take that one Niki?


NSB:  No I’m going to let you answer that one Spank!


ESB:  Well, I was watching B.E.T. Rip the Runway and I took noticed that every time I see a fashion show they always put together fashion and music, but nobody every puts together fashion and comedy.  So Niki and I met at Loretta McNary’s television talk show initially and then again at another event when I ran the idea by her, “How would you like to do a fashion and comedy show?”  She was like nah.  (laughter) She was definitely not too thrilled with the idea until I provided her with more of the details. 


NSB: No it wasn’t that I wasn’t too thrilled about the idea.  What I told him was that I really don’t do collaborations (with other event promoters).  But, when he told me exactly what was going to make the show different—I said that’s what’s up! That’s a hot show right there!  That’s unique.  I am used to being a trendsetter in the things I do in Memphis as far as my shows are concerned.  I thought it was something no one in this area had done before and that it was go over well in the market.  That was about two years ago that we begin working on development of the concept. 


TSD: So this has been two years in the making?


ESB:  Yep, two years in the making! Some of the elements that I implemented to make it different included having local celebrities and people of note as the models.  People like the mayor, on air personalities and of course people like the TSD President and Publisher, Bernal E. Smith, II who will be one of our runway models!


TSD:  That’s a great concept, who are some of the other local celebrities that we can expect to see on Saturday?


NSB:  Yvette Whiteside, ABC24 News, Chief Inspector Larry Hill of the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department, we have Patricia McKinney from the Daily News, Gabrielle Lewis, Miss Black Memphis these are a few of those that will grace the runway with President Smith!


TSD:  What about on the laughter side of things?  Who are some of the comedians we can expect to see?


ESB:  Comedian Tony Tone, who is probably most noted for being the Ring Master with the Universoul Circus that travels all around the country.  He’s a very talented and funny guy. 


TSD:  Yeah we’re familiar with Tony Tone, is he still on tour with Universoul?


ESB:  Yes he is still on the road with them doing his thing, making them laugh under the big top!! But will be bringing the laughs to Memphis on Saturday.  And then we also have headlining the show, Ms. Vanessa Fraction, seen on BET Comic View, Def Comedy Jam, Martin Lawrence’s First Amendment, the movie Beauty Shop 2 with Queen Latifah, and she currently writes for the show 106 and Park. She was also in the television show, Girls Behaving Badly on the Oxygen network.