‘Messed up’ mind is an opportunity to take control

lucy@heartworks4u.com | 5/31/2012, 1:14 p.m.

– Signed, Messed up!

Dear Messed up: Congratulations on your graduation and a shout out to all of those who are moving on to a new adventure in life learning. This is also an excellent time to be asking the question you have.

The human mind is such a wonderful and powerful thing! It is what sets us apart from the lower animals. Animals think purely instinctively. Humans have the capacity to choose their thoughts and to reason from one conclusion to another. The very best of reasoners are the people who learn to consciously control and choose their thoughts.

Something wonderful is about to happen in your life because there is a willingness in you to listen to your spirit, which is urging you to take control! Theron Q. Dumont wrote a book "The Power of Concentration" close to 100 years ago. It is full of concentration exercises and wisdom about the gift and power of concentration. You can get it free online at www.freepower ­ofconcentration.com.

One of the things Dumont says is that "The successful man is not always the smartest man but he is always the man who can control his thoughts." He also says that, "Concentration is just a case of willing to do a certain thing and doing it." And this thing, will or will power, is the real key to controlling your thinking.

Very few people understand the correct use and development of will power and so they become failures in life...not because they are dumb, but because they never train themselves to be still, to concentrate and to listen. This takes will power and will power is not force. Will power is our power of free will and free will is the power to choose and to do so consciously.

A mind that is not disciplined will simply terrorize you, sometimes making you believe you must be crazy. Yet, it is just like an undisciplined child. Fixing this is possible and requires the use of will power, patience and determination. The payoff is being able to have anything you put your mind to.

Here is one of the easy concentration exercises and is to be done for seven days in a row. If you miss a day start all over. Try to do it at the same time each day at a time and place where you will not be disturbed. Get a notebook so you can write about your experience each time you finish.

Sit down comfortably in front of a clock with a second hand and for 10 minutes, pay your undivided attention to the movement of the second hand only. Relax fully, but don't allow your body to distract you. You will want to scratch, move and all sorts of things. Simply tell yourself that attending to the clock is what you joyfully choose to do right now. Each time you find your thoughts going to yesterday, tomorrow or anyplace other than the present moment, gently bring yourself back to the boring moment by choosing to do so. When the time is up, write about it.