Ajae Moore: ‘The study of me’

newsroom@tri-statedefender.com | 5/3/2012, 11 p.m.

(Fresh Fruit is Kelvin Cowans’ periodic look at the wealth of up-and-coming talent in Memphis and the surrounding area.)

Ajae Moore: I do a little jazz, R&B, soul and hip-hop. I try to be well rounded with my singing.”

“The Study of Anthology” will be the theme for Ajae Moore’s show on May 11th at Brinson’s on Madison. “This show is the study of me,” says Moore. (Courtesy photo)

Kelvin Cowans: Great. I heard that you did an awesome job at The Memphis Black Expo; that your performance was excellent and that your voice had “next” written all over it. Would you like to explain that?”

A.M.: I did a song that I wrote titled “Romancing to War” and the crowd really liked it. They energized me and I just gave it my best.

K.C.: Oh, so you write songs as well?

A.M.: “Yes, I’ve been writing songs for as long as I can remember. Right now I’m in the process of creating an EP, with this new song that I wrote.

K.C.: So are you working on an album?

A.M.: No, not yet. I’m working to create a buzz and get my name out there and see how people react to it. I don’t want to get out there to soon or try to do too much too fast and kind of feel my way through.”

K.C.: Patience, we respect that. So, your talent of singing, does it run in your family?

A.M.: Yes it does, I have a large family and we all seem to be musically inclined in one way or another, either singing or playing an instrument. I can’t take credit for my talent, I just work to perfect it and make my family proud. I grew up singing in church and listening to my uncles and aunties sing as well. My grandmother actually became the one who would push me to sing more and to take it seriously. I graduated from Whitehaven High School In 2008 and I won Most Talented that year. I also sung in the Gospel Choir there.

K.C.: What can we look forward to from you?

A.M.: Right now I have my own show coming up on May 11th at Brinson’s on Madison, with the doors opening up at 7:30 and tickets are $10 (and) the theme being “The Study of Anthology,” which is a mixture of my name. This show is the study of me. It’s my alter ego. When I’m performing I like for the fans to feel my high’s and low’s of what I’m going through, and if I can do that I feel that I’ve put on a great show.

K.C: It’s customary in this section that I ask you what your favorite fruit is?

A.M.: Now before I sing, I eat pineapples to help with my vocals, however my favorite fruit is Kiwi! I love the color of it and it’s tasty. It fills my needs I guess.

K.C.: A metaphor spoken just like a kid that was raised in the church. I’m sure his grandma is even more proud.

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