Detoxification and cleansing: A body tune-up for the New Year | 1/6/2011, 6 p.m.
   Dr. Timothy Moore

by Dr. Timothy Moore
Ph.D., N.M.D., C.N.

Some of us drive nice, well-maintained cars. We get our oil and air filters changed regularly. We sometimes wash and wax our vehicles weekly. When it comes to our bodies, some of us fail to do the same regular, preventive maintenance.

We often overlook the most important organs – our liver and gallbladder – which play a very important role in our overall health and well-being. If the liver and gallbladder are congested, the body suffers the effects of poor absorption of fat-soluble nutrients, which can result in the development of paralysis, eczema, diabetes, lupus, and headaches. If you were to undergo a complete liver and gallbladder cleanse, the majority of your current health related issues would quickly disappear.

Your liver plays a very important part in catching all the waste that goes through the body. It produces the bile that delivers the waste down to the gallbladder. Then, it drops into the small intestines, which eliminates waste, toxins, and disease from the body. If your gallbladder has been removed, you need to drink one cup of unsweetened apple juice daily for life for medicinal purposes only. This will help cleanse your liver.

When was the last time you underwent a detoxification program for your body to make yourself feel better?  

Well, let’s talk about cleansing the body through juicing. Juicing is the process of extracting, or squeezing, juice from vegetables and fruit using a kitchen tool or small machine called a juicer. From this, you create a nutritional drink. Just as our home needs April cleaning, the liver must be cleansed. Juicing aids in the cleansing of the liver. The liver was made to handle a certain amount of toxic substances, but not the kind of abuse we give it as a result of toxicity in our environment. Our bodies are made to handle certain types of foods that cause you to feel uncomfortable. These include foods that are spoiled, rotten, or molded and food bacteria with some toxic plant substances.

When you examine what’s going on in our environment today, we are bombarded with pesticides, herbicides, alternative chemical fertilizers, and other pollutants in our air, soil and water. These substances weaken our immune system and congest our body. Detoxing the body is well worth the effort because the benefits are astounding and make you more vibrant and increase your energy. Your skin color improves. Dark circles around your eyes will eventually disappear. Wrinkles will disappear. Your hair and nails will begin to grow better. Overall, you will begin to enjoy vitality and health all over again. You will begin to feel more energetic. You will have clarity, or less brain fog. You will live a healthier life.

One of the ways to start a detoxification program is to use freshly made fruit and vegetable juices from organically grown produce. Your body’s organs will begin to perform an elimination process removing toxins, or toxicity, from your body. When you follow a basic juice cleansing program, you start an internal cleansing program to purify your intestines, liver, gallbladder, and kidneys. This juicing program, if used every six months, will result in great improvements to your health and, most importantly, disease prevention.