How to be an inventor | 9/17/2008, 7 p.m.

Bryounna Cabbage
Airways Middle School
Principal: Sharon Griffin
Grade: 7

My favorite book is, “How to be an Inventor,” by Harvey Weiss. I chose this book because it talks about creativity.

An invention is an original piece of artwork that stands out just because someone used their ideas to create it. I call it art because it is something that came from their heart and mind into existence.

One of the greatest inventions in this book is a fancy free car – boat – plane. This invention is made up mostly with wood. It was amazing to see wings, propeller, hull, and wheels on this wooded invention.

I love to be creative and do things that seem quite impossible. As a middle school student, books like this help me to let my imagination flow freely.

When you read, you can always learn something new. That’s why I am choosing to READ!