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Wilkins says, ‘no regrets’ as Cohen embraces ‘landslide’

Votes were still coming in at 8:40 p.m. on Thursday when attorney Ricky E. Wilkins made his entrance into his campaign headquarters. His opponent, Steve Cohen, who has held the 9th Congressional District seat since 2007, was in the lead, but it didn’t disturb the hopeful attitudes and confidence of Wilkins and the many supporters on hand.
“It’s been a long road,” Wilkins said. “We had a campaign strategy that we executed and I’m very happy about the execution of the strategy. We gained momentum as time went on and I’m feeling real good about standing here tonight.”

Luttrell gets another four years

Luttrell Wins
The crowd erupted in applause at Owen Brennan’s restaurant on Poplar Avenue Thursday night after Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell Jr. made his way upfront to address his supporters and campaign staffers. 
“I am so very, very appreciative of the opportunities that you’ve given me. Eight years as your sheriff, now going into eight years as your county mayor,” said Luttrell, who’d just beat Democratic challenger Deidre Malone in a hotly contested mayoral race in the county general election.
  • Written by Wiley Henry
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Get FDA-approved diabetes medication at no cost

grade study
According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), 4.9 million African-Americans have diabetes, which includes those who are diagnosed and undiagnosed. That means 18.7 percent of all non-Hispanic African-Americans aged 20 years or older have this life-altering disease.
If you have adult diabetes and have had it for less than 10 years, you may be eligible to join GRADE -- a study that provides FDA-approved diabetes medications at no cost. The study is designed to help participants improve control of adult diabetes.

At Kamp KSI, unlocking global competencies is a chest move away

Kevin Monroe, 9, and Evan Bean, 10, stare intently at the pieces on a chess table. Kevin moves a pawn and looks at Evan. “You can do whatever you want to do now…” he says. 
“I know what I won’t do,” says Evan, as he slides a piece to a green space. 
The two cousins are just two of many children attending Kairos Services’ Kamp KSI summer camp. A nonprofit that works to help people become self-sufficient through employment, Kairos is committed to unlocking children’s global competencies by teaching children ages 6 to12 various disciplines to foster critical thinking, creativity and collaboration.

TSD endorses Ricky E. Wilkins in 9th Congressional District

The New Tri-State Defender received completed questionnaires from incumbent Steve Cohen and attorney Ricky E. Wilkins in the Democratic Primary for the 9th Congressional District. We will publish the questionnaires with the candidates’ responses on our website, TSDMemphis.com.
In 2010, the TSD endorsed Congressman Cohen over former Mayor Dr. Willie W. Herenton. At the time, Cohen was the right choice for the right reasons, which our endorsement detailed this way:

TSD endorsements

It is a priority of The New Tri-State Defender to provide insight and leadership to its readers and the community-at-large in assessing key issues that impact the future of our city, county and region, including elections and the selection of candidates vying for elected office.
This election year is a critically important one. Voters are faced with the opportunity to vote for change or to continue to support current leadership and results. Depending on your plight and experiences over the past 4 to 6 years, your choice might be radically different from that of another. 

Sugarmon v Michael

City Court Judge Tarik Sugarmon says a speech given last year by Shelby County Juvenile Court Chief Magistrate Dan Michael clearly illustrates that Michael does not merit election as Juvenile Court Judge.
Sugarmon believes he’s the person for the job. The speech that Sugarmon references was reflected, in part, on the Midtown Republican Club’s website.
  • Written by Tony Jones
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Sheriff’s race pits two law enforcement veterans

William “Bill” Oldham currently has the job of Shelby County Sheriff and Bennie L. Cobb, a retired captain from the sheriff’s office, would like to wrest it away from him.
Cobb is the Democratic nominee and Oldham, a Republican, has been the sheriff since the 2010 trouncing of the countywide Democratic slate.
  • Written by Wiley Henry
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