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Brooks battles on to keep her seat

brooks 600
The legal battle between District 2 County Commissioner Henri Brooks and opponents on the Shelby County Commission was set to return to Shelby County Chancery Court on Thursday, July 3rd. 
Brooks sought injunctive relief from the court against the commission after allegations that she did not live in the district led to the vote removing her from the commission. While the matter still was pending at The New Tri-State Defender’s print deadline, the most recent ruling seemed to favor Brooks, who is seeking a final favorable decision from the court before the commission’s next meeting on Monday (July 7th).
  • Written by Tony Jones
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Locked-out Kellogg’s employees see light ‘at the end of the tunnel’

“We’re not there just yet, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s been a long, hard road. When we were locked out back in  October last kellogg 600year, our medical insurance was cut off that same day. My wife has been so sick because we couldn’t afford to get her medication. Just today, we spent $500 on a 30-day supply for one medicine. She hasn’t consistently had what she needed. Her health is so bad now. We’ve just about gone through what we saved up…but this is good news from the courts. After July 10th, this should all be over. Thank God…”
 – Locked-out employee on the Kellogg’s picket line
Two rulings on Monday (June 23rd) against the Kellogg’s Company dealt virtual death blows in the legal battle against 226 Memphis workers locked out of their jobs since October, 2013.
  • Written by Dr. Sybill C. Mitchell
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Police association gets behind Wilkins

Ninth District congressional candidate Ricky Wilkins says his recent wilkins 600endorsement by the Memphis Police Association is a clear indication that incumbent Steve Cohen is no shoe-in for the August 7th election that will decide who will occupy the seat for the next two years.
The unanimous decision by the union’s political action committee was announced at a press conference Tuesday (June 24) at the MPA’s headquarters. 
Hosted by MPA President Michael Williams, the tone of the press conference was salty in its criticism of Cohen. The union endorsed Cohen in his last race, but Williams said that turned out to be mistake. 
  • Written by Tony Jones
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Signs of conflict rise in Cohen-Wilkins race

cohen 600Challenger Ricky Wilkins says four-term incumbent Steve Cohen “needs to get serious and focus on what’s important” in their race for Tennessee’s 9th congressional district seat.
Wilkins statement came in response to Cohen’s campaign filing a complaint to the Federal Election Commission citing Wilkins for incorrect signage for his campaign, which opened its headquarters last Saturday (June 14th) at 3412-14 Poplar.
Cohen’s letter to the FEC asserts that, “Ricky Wilkins’ yard signs completely fail to disclose that the communication has been paid for by the authorized political committee. There is no disclaimer on the yard signs.”
  • Written by Tony Jones
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An Open Letter To Our City – By Dr. Phillip R. Bowden


It's gross. It's embarrassing. It's not exactly dinner table conversation, if you know what I mean...

Those are just a few of the statements I hear when I ask Memphians why our community doesn't talk about getting a colonoscopy. The truth is this: a colonoscopy isn't gross. It isn't embarrassing. It's discreet, simple, and life-saving.

The Fulton Four: A family of artists

fultons1 600A current of creative energy flows through one Memphis family and sparks the imagination of four of the matriarch’s eight children. Decades ago, Willie Bell Fulton and her now deceased husband, Walter Fulton Sr., would discover that something within four of their children needed to be expressed on paper, canvas, fabric, furniture, wall, glass, wood or any other surface. 
Walter Fulton Jr. (also known as “Atoosie”), Gloria Fulton, Jerome Fulton and Vickie Fulton each possesses a talent for either drawing, painting, designing, illustrating, cartooning, quilting, sewing, upholstering, crocheting, and simply bringing to life works of art that depict their myriad experiences. 
  • Written by Wiley Henry
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Just energy policies championed by NAACP and partners

JustEnergy 600Fresh on the heels of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s first-ever proposed nationwide limits on carbon pollution from existing power plants, the Memphis Branch NAACP and several community partners recently held a media event to amplify the need for “just energy policies.”
The session at the Benjamin Hooks Main Library followed last month’s government release of its third National Climate Assessment. The assessment, said session organizers, documented “the alarming extent to which climate change already is adversely impacting Tennesseans, underlying the importance to take strong and just action to curb pollution from power plants before the impacts worsen.”

Health, well-being and good business is a ‘happy’ combination at McD’s

MCD 600Fast-food giant McDonald’s USA is on a mission to help nurture a healthier America, with Dr. Cindy Goody, director of nutrition, carrying a super-sized load of responsibility.
Goody and a crew of McDonald’s representatives brought their message to The New Tri-State Defender recently after visiting with 50-plus students ages five to nine at an area Boys and Girls Club. The push there was telling the kids how they could eat from the MyPlate recommended food groups “wherever they are as well as at McDonald’s”
They also talked to a similar number of 10- to 14-year-old students. The level of engagement overall was impressive said Goody, weaving in the fact that promoting “movement” is part of McDonald’s education awareness outreach.