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My Friends’ Colorism Is Affecting My Baby’s Facebook Likes!

Race Manners
Dear Race Manners:
Saw your response to racist comments posted online, but what about this?
I’m trying my best not to be petty here, while I’m aware this is going to sound petty no matter how I put it. I believe my friends’ and family’s internalized racism and colorism is affecting their responses to photos of my child.

When the World Blows Up, Just Blame Hip-Hop

blame hip_hop
It was only a matter of time. A violent convergence of domestic and international events has us all feeling as if the world is falling off its axis. Headlines telling of rioters rocking Ferguson, Mo., are intersected with constant flashes of black-masked Islamic State marauders leaving bloody trails of decapitated heads as they pillage the Middle Eastern desert. And in the inevitable reach to explain the Four Horsemen chaos of assorted colored folk shaking it up, the best dissertation the mainstream media can find is that it must be hip-hop’s fault.

US police reaching out to black communities

DALLAS (AP) — Some U.S. police departments are renewing efforts to build trust with black communities in the aftermath of the shooting death of an unarmed 18-year-old black man in Missouri.
Police departments are holding public meetings to field questions and let people voice the anger they feel toward officers who patrol their neighborhoods, hoping to avoid the upheaval that followed Michael Brown's Aug. 9 death.
Dallas Police Chief David Brown considers it a preventative step.

New Dating App Designed for Black Professionals Now Available in the App Store

meld app
Nationwide — MELD App is a dating mobile app designed exquisitely for the black professional. It aims to connect and to bring together sophisticated single black professionals on one platform for romantic discovery.
These days there is a plethora of mobile dating apps for those who are single and looking to discover romance. While many have found quality matches on these platforms, black single professionals have not been as lucky. Various studies have shown that matching success rates for single black professionals on these platforms are very low despite high engagement rates.

Frayser and the Achievement School District connect

Here’s how Sara Lewis recalls her first meeting with Chris Barbic, the superintendent brought to Tennessee in 2012 to lead a state takeover of struggling schools: “Let’s just say it wasn’t on the best of terms.”
Lewis, a former Memphis City Schools board member and education advocate, had already gained national media attention for pushing back against Barbic’s Achievement School District, saying that some schools in the district were not considering communities’ needs. When they met at a north Memphis high school, she raised those concerns in person.