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Be self-centered when it comes to setting priorities

Lauren Maillian_Bias_600How to set priorities and what to actually prioritize is more difficult now than ever – we are all trying to keep up with the competing goals and pressures in our lives, all designed to deliver varying types of satisfaction and fulfillment.

During my entrepreneurial career, I have learned that I work and perform at my best when I am the best version of myself, which means that I have learned to prioritize me. Not in a selfish way, but out of pure necessity, I have learned to unapologetically make myself a priority.

I am the best businessperson when I am the person who feels their best. Accomplishing that ranges from me prioritizing the projects and responsibilities in my day-to-day life that will get me the most mileage or breathing room so that I can turn my attention to the next important task on my list, and it sometimes translates into something as pure and simple as making time for yoga or the gym so that I can give myself the well-deserved recovery time that I need to have the endurance to return to my demanding work life.

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The best benefits of barbecue

barbqhealthy 600Warm weather means all kinds of things, including...fire up that grill! And oh, what delicious grilling options there are.

Though barbecue overall has a pretty bad rep, there are actually some very healthy benefits to grilling. But it's all about the choices and the preparation.

First is first...

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New book explores racism and the U.S. Secret Service

Abraham Bolden_600Abraham Bolden Sr., the first African-American Secret Service agent assigned to the White House detail, still finds humor in his life, despite having faced formidable challenges that would have defeated a lesser man.

Bolden served three years in prison after being convicted of giving government documents to a known criminal in exchange for $50,000.

The U.S. Attorney's Office in Chicago retaliated against Bolden after he complained to no avail to his Secret Service bosses and later to the public that Secret Service agents failed to protect President John F. Kennedy on the day he was assassinated because some of them considered the President a 'nigger lover' who was changing the country.

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It’s cool to be the ‘Talk of the Town’

Mr George_600Credit Talk of the Town beauty spa and salon owner George Barnes with the understatement of the week.

In final preparation for this weekend's sidewalk picnic celebrating Talk of the Town's 40th year in operation, Barnes was asked about the shop's significance as an industry trendsetter from its inception in 1974.

"Well, we did shake things up a bit, didn't we?" he laughs, knowing full well that a lot of local history is packed behind his statement.
Now a multi-storefront entity at 300-306 South Main, Barnes will be hosting what's being called a Taste of the Town Saturday throughout the day (May 24th). He is hoping to be joined by the cast of regulars and reminescers who know him as "Mr. George" and remember Talk Of The Town as a major cultural marker in the city's history.

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UCAN Memphis’ president earns Surviving in Silence Award

lashundra robinson_600Leshundra Robinson's driving force can be accessed through a question: "If we don't give back to where we came from, then who will?"

The president and co-founder of the non-profit youth mentoring organization UCAN Memphis, Robinson recently netted the S.I.S. (Surviving in Silence) Award from Walking Into a New Life, Inc. during the organization's 4th annual S.I.S. event at the Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library.

"We are a product of our own community. ... Who knows our community better than we do? Giving back to my community is extremely important because I want to help my community grow," Robinson said.

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