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Lucy Shaw

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Lucy Shaw is a Life Coach, Spiritual Advisor, and International Speaker with over 30 years of personal and professional leadership experience.

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It’s easy to get stuck, but faith will help you let go 05 September 2014 Commentaries
From ‘Mr. Irresponsible’ to ‘Precious One’ 13 May 2014 Religion
Take ownership of your pride and unforgiveness button 22 April 2014 Original
When things get unbearably rough, make a plan to get going 07 April 2014 Religion
Uplift another woman today and be glad for the voice to do so! 25 March 2014 Original
I forgive but I can’t forget. Now what? 07 March 2014 Original
In the battle to end ‘the seduction of inadequacy,’ I’m with Lupita 06 March 2014 Original
Setting boundaries for healing and helping 24 February 2014 Original
Miss Sojourner’s ‘truth’ in 2014 04 February 2014 Original
If the ‘devil’ is in the details, where’s God? 09 January 2014 Commentaries
Are you willing to stop fattening up pigs this Christmas? 24 December 2013 Original
We need a return to simple acts of kindness 11 December 2013 Commentaries
‘Power leaks’ are self-imposed 19 November 2013 Opinion
Speaking the language of Spirit 24 October 2013 Original
What to do when the question feels nosey 07 October 2013 Original
Advice for queens and kings of procrastination 24 September 2013 Original
Stop worrying & walk fearlessly into your desire 10 September 2013 Original
Breast cancer, questions and prayer closets 27 August 2013 Original
Learning to walk on ‘a different street’ 15 August 2013 Original
5 rules to follow to become a better ‘Me’ 30 July 2013 Original