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Hair extension business keeps on growing

HairExtension 600Whether the preference is weave or extensions, the process of lengthening or thickening hair crosses all color and ethnic lines. According to Clutch Magazine, the hair extension business is a $9 billion industry that has shown no signs of slowing.

Just as the hairstyles are creative, so are the many ways of entering the market. For example, entry can made via a brick-and-mortar store as a distributor or hair stylist or through an online presence or even through franchising and multilevel marketing.

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Meet the 16 year old who graduated from college before high school

gracebush 600Grace Bush has already graduated from college.

That may not be fascinating in and of itself, but the 16-year-old has yet to receive her high school diploma. That graduation ceremony will happen this Friday, the Sun Sentinel reports.

The clever teenager attends Florida Atlantic University High School, which has a special program with FAU that allows young students to earn college credit at no cost while in high school.


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The question no one is asking Donald Sterling

George Curry-160Why would a white racist have sex with a person of color?

That's the question that few people in the media want to raise, let alone address. But it is an age-old contradiction not limited to Donald Sterling, the hate spewing soon-to-be former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers.

Beginning with slavery in the original colonies – even earlier in Africa with the arrival of European colonizers – white men have forced themselves on black women. Caucasian men from Thomas Jefferson on the left to South Carolina senator and longtime arch-segregationist Strom Thurmond on the right have projected one image in public while having sex – even children – with black women under the cover of darkness. They were talking white (superiority ) while sleeping black.

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County Commission shaping up

countycomm 600After Tuesday's Shelby County Primary Elections, the Shelby County Board of Commissioners is shaping up, with the Aug. 7th General Election on the horizon.

District 1
Terry Roland (Republican, incumbent)

District 2
George Chism (Republican)

District 3
David Reaves (Republican)

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COGIC and RNC explore ‘Shared Values and Shared Goals’

cogic 600As the Republican National Committee descends upon Memphis, Tennessee, the home of the International Headquarters of the Church Of God In Christ, Inc. We welcome the RNC to Memphis and look forward to dialogue and building relationships.

Some if not many would wonder why the Church Of God In Christ would want to engage and have dialogue with the Republican National Committee (RNC)? Over 100 years ago our denomination was founded when black people were predominately Republican and today we are the largest Black Pentecostal faith organization with over 5 million members. The Church's leadership is concerned about the Black Community, in fact, concerned about the entire nation.

We do not deny or shy away from the fact that our members are largely conservative, however in the 21st century we have not had much of a relationship with the Republican Party. Said plainly, the issues are racial in nature but education on both sides would be appreciated, and possibly bring clarity.

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