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NBA doesn’t need another white billionaire

ballmer 600If Steve Ballmer’s reported offer to purchase the L.A. Clippers is approved by the NBA, many will claim victory over the racist ranting of elderly mad man Donald Sterling. Some of us, however, will not see it as a victory at all.
Another white male billionaire joins one of the most elite clubs in the world – white male billionaires who own sports franchises.  This is not to intimate that Ballmer is racist.  We can and should judge him by his record at Microsoft.
As one of the co-founders, he amassed a considerable fortune, but by some reports the final stages of his tenure at the helm of the company were marked by an inability to acknowledge innovations in the information technology world.

Working hurts finances of African Americans working way through college

howardbaby 600WASHINGTON (NNPA) – More than 60 percent of African-American students could receive greater financial aid for college through the Pell grant program, if they were enrolled full-time, according to a new report by the National Urban League.

The report, which focused on the profile of a typical African-American student and the uphill battle they fight to get to college and earn a degree, found that 62 percent of African-American students receive funding for college through the Pell grant program, but many more would qualify if they didn't have to work supporting themselves, their families or young children.

Sixty-five percent of African-American students are independent, compared to 49 percent of white students.

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Trayvon Martin’s friend Rachel Jeantel graduates from high school

trayvongirlfriend 600Rachel Jeantel was struggling. She was on the witness stand as an unsuspecting key figure thrust into a national case involving her friend's death, race, racism, "Stand your ground" laws and more. She was the last person to talk to Trayvon Martin on Feb. 26, 2012, before his deadly encounter with George Zimmerman.

Her testimony was key to a case that she wasn't prepared for. Her demeanor and mix of English, slang and Haitian Creole dialect made her hard to decipher. Add to that mix the relentless grilling from a defense attorney who saw fresh meat on the stand and went in for the kill.

The Internet was even worse.

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Housing forums emerge from Wells Fargo, NAACP, National Urban League partnership

housing 600Wells Fargo, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and the National Urban League are partnering to host housing forums in nine select markets during National Homeownership Month in June.

The forums are designed to provide aspiring homeowners with information and resources to help navigate the path to homeownership successfully.

The NAACP and Wells Fargo will offer the forums in St. Paul, Minn.; Washington, D.C.; Ft. Lauderdale; and Las Vegas. The National Urban League and Wells Fargo will host forums in Phoenix, Chicago, Minneapolis and in the Hampton Roads, Va. area. Both organizations will join with Wells Fargo to offer a forum in Houston.

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