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President Obama visits Memphis

Follow the Tri-State Defender on Twitter and Facebook for live coverage of President Obama's visit to Memphis and his Booker T. Washington High School commencement speech, and check back here for full coverage later in the day.

President Obama crowns BTW’s achievement

The story of Booker T. Washington High School’s race to the top of President Barack Obama’s High School Commencement Challenge can be told in myriad ways, but in every salient account, the students are the central characters.

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President Obama’s remarks at Booker T. Washington High School commencement

Even President Barack Obama will tell you that the day belonged to the Booker T. Washington High School graduating Class of 2011.

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The Artisan: Arick Elion

Arick Elion is sheer genius when it comes to all things creative. Inspiring and focused, creative and hungry, Elion’s a “triple threat” with photography, graphic design, and videography.

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Learning how to be in gratitude!

When you express gratitude as a comparative, you limit the great possibilities for acknowledging the true abundance of the Universe.

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