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You better vote…or you asked for it!


I had never given money to any party until the Internet age that made it simple to just click and send my meager donations. When President Obama ran for the first time, I clicked and sent more than a few dollars, nothing major maybe, ten dollars or twenty bucks at a time and I was glad to do it. From that time to the present however, I have been bombarded with emails from the party and sometimes find it to be annoying but I understand the need.

I get constant emails from everyone it seems; the President, First Lady, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and many others literally pleading for donations. Now they are using terminology to solicit like, “please respond,” “terrifying” (John Lewis), “I’m begging you” (Harry Reid), “I really need you” (Mrs. Obama), “please Rodney” (the President), “help me out, urgent request” (Hillary) and “we’re desperate,” (can’t remember who said that one right now).


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Say NO to the four, but wine is fine!


Among the most important ballot items for the upcoming November 4, 2014 election are four proposed constitutional amendments. In addition, you will also have an opportunity to help decide if wine will ultimately be sold in retail outlets (grocery stores and similar outlets) other than liquor stores.

The constitutional amendments will serve to – in some instances – greatly expand the power and reach of government and particularly the Tennessee General Assembly. Any amendments to the law of the land, the constitution, represent significant implications to the enforcement, interpretation, implementation and carrying out of the law. The proposed amendments individually and collectively represent an unnecessary and potentially dangerous expansion of government power. As proposed, the amendments usurp power from the people (voters) and put it in the hands of the legislative body.

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In search of the ‘State of Black Memphis’

State of Black America

Ask any member of the baby boomer generation for an opinion about millennials – especially blacks between the ages of 18-35 – and he or she may tell you that millennials are lazy, entitled and lacking the leadership skills to move the country towards economic prosperity and security.

Then, tell that person they clearly do not know a member of the Memphis Urban League of Young Professionals (MULYP).

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One refurbished computer at a time

On Wealthy

As computers continue to sink deeper roots into society, many folks still cannot afford to purchase a new one. Others – due to the rapidly changing technology – choose to procure only refurbished computers in much the same way one would choose to acquire a pre-owned Mercedes Benz. Into the pre-owned computer market has stepped Dr. Edmund Ford Jr. and E&J Computer Services and Repair.

Carlee McCullough: Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Edmund Ford Jr.: I am 35 years old. I have a bachelor’s degree from Tennessee State University (TSU) with a major in mathematics (and) a minor in computer science. I continued my education by earning my master’s degree in the same field, performing two years of doctoral work at Vanderbilt University in Leadership and Policy Studies, and earning an educational doctorate degree in Higher Education Administration and Supervision from TSU. I have taught mathematics in Tennessee for 11 years, and this year I obtained my affiliate broker real estate license.  

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The real ‘King of R&B’


Take U.S. 78 South about 90 miles from Memphis and you come to Tupelo, Mississippi and BancorpSouth Arena, where Robert Sylvester Kelly – widely known as the “King of R&B” put on a show that will have people talking…at least until he returns.

At first, I was a little skeptical about the show. I mean, when I arrived and took my seat, the only thing I saw on stage was a tall thin curtain and the blue lights. There did not appear to be any instruments behind it. Not a drum set. No keyboards. Not even so much as a guitar.

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