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‘Bad weather’ idea – nothing to agree with

There is something about unpredictable and disturbing weather that can leave us feeling vulnerable and very much out of control. 

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‘Jumping the Broom’ – you gotta go see it

 I know you have seen all of the previews for “Jumping the Broom,” right? Well, the movie is even greater than the previews.

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The Business of Sports: Raymond Brothers, Esq.

With all of Zach Randolph’s hard work, dedication and tenacity, there is another factor that contributed to this gargantuan contract, his sports agent, Raymond Brothers, Esq.

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Calling all writers!

The Southern Black Writers Conference and Film Festival kicks off this week with a full slate, including seminars, workshops and film screenings.

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Re-inventing You!

Continually re-inventing ourselves is actually our God-given right and expectancy. We will evolve, become or transform by design or by accident. 

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