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Mom of three looks to ‘empower’ her community

90percentMost evenings you can find UCLA student Deanna Jordan at home on her computer, engrossed in assignments and class readings. This may sound typical for any dedicated college student, but most undergrads don’t have a trio of elementary school-age children diligently doing homework alongside them.
 “I’ll stop my work when they ask questions, and if it’s something that I know they can teach each other, I will have the older one mentor and tutor the others,” said Jordan, 28, a first-generation college student and mother of three who is set to graduate this week with a bachelor’s degree in African American studies.

When it comes to voting, Freedom Summer wasn’t a one-time event

In January, my father retraced steps he took 50 years ago in Hattiesburg, Miss. As a teenager in 1964, he had locked arms with men and women of goodwill seeking the most sacred and elusive right of citizenship: the vote.
Later that year, Mississippi would become the site of the extraordinary freedomsummer 600Freedom Summer, when students and activists poured into our home state to register voters and teach in Freedom Schools. But a half-century later, freedom remains unclaimed by too many as millions of African Americans, Latinos and Asian Americans remain unregistered to vote.
The Center for American Progress (CAP) recently released a stunning study, True South: Voters of Color in the Black Belt 50 Years After Freedom Summer, examining the changing demographics in the South. The findings are straightforward but complex: Despite holding the keys to political power, too few voters of color have taken the initial step toward exercising this capacity.

Retirement plan distributions

moneymatters 600When it comes to receiving the fruits of your labor – the money accumulated in your employer-sponsored retirement plan – you are faced with a few broad options. Should you take the payout as systematic payments, a lifetime annuity, or a lump sum?
Systematic withdrawals
Some retirement plans may allow you to take systematic withdrawals: either a fixed dollar amount on a regular schedule, a specific percentage of the account value on a regular schedule, or the total value of the account in equal distributions over a specified period of time.

Shelby County Schools will use CLUE program for all gifted students next year

clue 600At White Station Middle School recently, dozens of soon-to-be 5th and 6th graders Zumba-ed across the gym floor. The physical movement was preparation for mental exercise: The students later discussed how activities like Zumba affect their hearts.
In the auditorium next to the gym, more than 40 middle schoolers were screening movie trailers and short films they had written, performed, filmed and edited on tablet computers. The tweens laughed and elbowed each other as they watched their classmates sword fight and tromp through the woods on a large screen.

Enjoy the sun with caution – Anyone can get skin cancer

Some people live in communities where the weather is great for outdoor skincancer 600activities year-round. For others, the summer season is just a few months long. But no matter where you live, you need to know that spending time in the sun can be dangerous for people of all skin colors, including African Americans. Even if you do not have light skin, light-colored hair, and blue or green eyes, you are at risk for skin cancer. Anyone can get skin cancer.
Although skin cancer is less common among people with darker skin, it is often detected at later or advanced stages. In fact, data show that when African Americans and other minority Americans are diagnosed with melanoma, the most severe form of skin cancer, it is usually at a later stage, when the disease is harder to treat and less likely to be cured.