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Anti-effeminacy in the black community

anti 600Words like sissy and f** can often be heard in the black community to describe a man who falls outside the comparatively restrictive confounds of black male masculinity.  However, why black men in particular focus on masculinity more than their other racial counterparts is often misunderstood. Two theories seek to explain the culture of anti-effeminacy in the black community. 
Sexism is something that pervades our country and society.  With the average woman making about four to seven percent, according to the U.S. Labor Department, less than her male counterparts when accounting for differences in total hours worked, job position, and total unpaid hours leave taken during the year.

Stax-UK connection featured at B.B. King’s on June 20th

The Stax Music Academy Alumni Band will perform with United Kingdom (UK) stax 600star Beverley Knight of the upcoming London premiere of “Memphis The Musical” at B.B. King’s on Beale Street on Friday (June 20th)
The performance, which will be taped for “Memphis” promotions for UK, is set for 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.
The Tony Award-winning musical debuted on Broadway in 2009, with the London run beginning in October with Knight as the lead singer/actress. One of the UK’s most popular soul singers, Knight will film several promotional videos while in Memphis.

Fighting crime with hoops and hope

hoops 600Two facts about Memphis summers are unavoidable: it’s hot and school is out. The increase in temperature and decrease in daily structured positive activities for young people can often lead to an increase in crime.
Mayor A C Wharton Jr. is on a mission to ensure that Memphis’ youth, especially those in high-risk communities, have access to a safe and community-friendly environment through the 2nd Annual Safe Summer initiative. Bishop Mays, director of Memphis Gun Down, said the effort is part of the larger goal of reducing youth gun violence throughout Memphis. 

Commissioner Brooks: ‘Justice is being targeted’

Vowing not to “give up the fight” amid what she labels “attacks,” Shelby
brooks 600County Commissioner Henri E. Brooks says she is moving forward with her quest to become Juvenile Court clerk as the Democratic Party nominee.
Brooks issued a written statement detailing her commitment on Tuesday. Earlier in the day, she resigned as a community/government research specialist in the Faith and Health division of the Congregational Health Network at Methodist. Misdemeanor assault charges are pending against Brooks following a June 10th confrontation in a parking lot that serves the hospital.

‘Bron Bron’ is a ‘Man’s Man’

bronbron 600With the exception of the absence of a Miami “threepeat” there are no real losers coming out of the NBA Championship series…especially not LeBron James.
While the co-hosts of “A Little R&R on Sports” agreed the NBA Championship would be won and done in a five-game series, there was sharp disagreement over whether the Miami Heat or the San Antonio Spurs players would be kissing the trophy. Suffice it to say that experience won both the championship and the bet. But with the exception of the absence of a Miami “threepeat” there are no real losers coming out of this series…especially not LeBron James.