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Autopsy shows Michael Brown shot six times

Autopsy Illustration
FERGUSON, Mo. — A preliminary autopsy report shows that Michael Brown was shot at least six times including twice in the head, a lawyer for the family said Monday.
Benjamin Crump said all of the bullets entered from the front.
"It verifies the worst that the family thinks happened — that he was executed," Crump said. "It confirms what the witnesses said, that this was an execution. That's what the witnesses said from day one."

St. Louis Rapper Nelly & T.I. Think Ferguson Protestors Jumped The Gun

Nelly believes rioters in Ferguson, Missouri, should have waited a little longer before taking the streets in anger over Michael Brown’s shooting.
People have been storming the streets ever since the unarmed teen was gunned down by a police officer while walking with a friend on August 9. In the week that has passed since his shooting death, Ferguson has begun to resemble a war zone. NBC News reports that police have even fired tear gas as looters ransack local businesses in hurt and extreme aggravation.

Did School Integration Fail Black Children?

school integration
Back-to-school is just around the corner and 60 years after the Brown v. Board of Education decision, many children will be returning to “resegregated” schools. The anniversary year has prompted much investigation and analysis, most pointing toward waning enforcement of integration orders. But what if integration itself is part of the problem?
As a young girl in Bainbridge, Ga., I attended segregated schools two years before the 1954 Brown ruling and six years after. My teachers and school administrators lived in our neighborhood and knew my parents. These educators had high expectations for us and were daily role models and cheerleaders for our success. I had a rich, balanced educational experience rooted in strong cultural awareness.

Lauryn Hill May Have Had Misunderstanding in Memphis, But Music Makes NBA 2K15 Cut

After arguably the most successful year in his career, Pharrell was selected to curate the annual NBA2K15 video game soundtrack.
Just like Skateboard P, the playlist is as diverse and eclectic.

Ferguson-area native tasked with keeping peace

FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) — In the days since Missouri Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson took charge of a volatile situation that threatened to turn ugly, tragic or both, his calm-yet-commanding presence has captured international attention. But when it comes to keeping the peace in the St. Louis suburb where a white police officer shot and killed an unarmed black teen, Johnson knows his neighbors' opinions are what matter most.
"The people of our community need to hear what I'm saying," Johnson, who is black, said at the start of one daily press briefing, urging local residents standing behind an enormous media contingent to come closer to the podium. "They've got questions, and I invited them here."