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Dr. Timothy Moore

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Dr. Timothy Moore teaches nutrition, heart disease and diabetes reversal through a plant-based lifestyle. He is a professional speaker, wellness coach and personal plant-based chef

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Compassion must trump profit if cancer patients are to survive 26 July 2012 Opinion
It’s poppycock to think you can get protein only from eating meat 19 July 2012 Opinion
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Increased diabetic numbers and the link to profit margins 28 June 2012 Opinion
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Mmmm! Crab cakes made with jackfruit can be most enjoyable 14 June 2012 Opinion
Mayor Bloomberg is right: impose a limit on sugary drinks 07 June 2012 Opinion
With – or without – Will Smith, eat healthy during the summer 31 May 2012 Opinion
Seven points to keep you from eating yourself into oblivion 24 May 2012 Opinion
Unhealthy church members need more than a sermon 17 May 2012 Opinion
Woeful attitude about cancer can be just as unhealthy 02 February 2012 Opinion
Tempted by doubled portions of unhealthy food? Shame on you 27 January 2012 Opinion
A diabetic Paula Deen should encourage all of us to eat better 20 January 2012 Opinion
Clara Peller’s ‘Where’s the beef?’ catchphrase enough to clog arteries 12 January 2012 Opinion
Start your journey to healing with ‘baby steps’ 06 January 2012 Opinion
A 21-day health and exercise regimen to get your New Year underway 29 December 2011 Opinion
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Resolve to free yourself from the scourge of diabetes 08 December 2011 Opinion