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Titans coach: “We’ve just got to play better”

TN-SF-2-600When the smoke clears, Tennessee Titans quarter Jake Locker is going to be a winner head coach Mike Munchak said after Locker gritted it out last Sunday and played through hip and knee injuries that kept him out of the previous two games.

Meanwhile, San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick and his 49ers (5-2) seemed to be spitting fire as they knocked off Tennessee 31-17 at LP Field in Nashville.

For the Titans (3-4), the offensive showing the last three weeks has been glaringly less than stellar. And while they have faced good defenses, Munchak said, "I think it's us as much as anything and not executing."

TN-SF-8-600With penalties and dropped balls on offense, the defense having difficulty getting off the field and Tennessee falling being by 24, a compound problem developed that forced the Titans away from a run game that Munchak said "could have been very good for us."

There's no magic corrective formula, said Munchak. "We've just got to play better."

Next up is bye week.

"We know we played a tough run, played tough teams, and had one of the toughest schedules in seven games, and all that good stuff. That's a silver lining to look at I guess, but ultimately we have to come back and play a lot better to win or we won't beat anybody," Munchak said."

TN-SF-12-600"I think we are holding together very well, and I think we have confidence in each other and confidence in what we're doing more so than I've seen since I've been here. Now it's just a matter of us going out there. We've got our quarterback back now. We're getting healthy. I think we'll have most of our guys back, and let's find out where we're at."

If your quarterback's back, there's no excuse, said Munchak.

"We should have all our running backs intact, our defensive line should be intact. We should be ready to play, so we'll find out what we are when we line up in St. Louis."

Source: http://www.titansonline.com/news


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