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Peace/Prayer Voter Awarness Rally

  • Written by The Atlanta Daily World
  • Published in Atlanta

Published: Friday, July 27, 2012 12:49 AM EDT

On Monday, July 30th at 7pm, the eve of election day, a coalition of Youth,concerned citizens and civic leaders from around the metro Atlanta area will gather for a candlelight peace and prayer rally in the East Parking lot of the Mall West End. The purpose and intent of the demonstration will be to bring awareness to the community regarding violence committed by young people and to appeal to the city for unified peace. Speakers will include youth and representatives from around the Metropolitan-Atlanta area and from organizations that include the National Action Network, NAACP and Revive the Vote, Inc." Let us come together in efforts to help bring awareness to this senseless epidemic of violence, we will gather in peace,prayer, and love unifying our communities and remembering our fallen victims," states organizer Kamille Miller. For additional information please contact Ms. Miller at 404.519.1964

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