Illinois Gay Marriage Bill Passes As State Poised To Become 15th To Legalize Same Sex Marriage


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    SPRINGFIELD — The Illinois General Assembly passed a bill legalizing same sex marriage Tuesday, putting the Land of Lincoln on course to be the 15th state to legalize same sex marriage.


    The House of Representatives narrowly passed the bill 61-54-2 shortly after 4 p.m. Tuesday and the state senate concurred a little more than an hour



    Transit Union: Put The Brakes On Ventra Rollout Until Glitches Get Sorted Out


      Steven Vance | Flickr


      The local transit union has called on the CTA to suspend Ventra's rollout.

      Just stop it.

      That's the gist of the message the local transit worker's union has for the Chicago Transit Authority regarding its rollout of the new Ventra payment service which has been marked by an array of glitches and customer complaints since it



      More than 2 million in Ill. to see food stamps cut

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        CHICAGO (AP) — More than 2 million low-income Illinois residents who receive food stamps will soon see their benefits cut.

        Beginning Friday, a temporary increase in food stamp dollars from the 2009 economic stimulus will expire.

        The change will affect more than 47 million Americans. It comes as Congress is negotiating additional cuts to the program,



        Chicago Police Overtime Tab To Top Out At $93 Million For 2013


          Chicago is expected to pay $93 million in police overtime this year. | Michael Kappel | Flickr

          Chicago is expected to pay nearly triple the amount budgeted for 2013 police overtime costs.

          The Chicago Police Department's overtime spending will hit $93 million this year, Police Supt. Garry McCarthy said during a budget hearing before the City Council



          Chicago Halloween Weather 2013: Rain Makes For Dangerous Driving Conditions, Wet Trick-Or-Treating


            It's going to be a wet Halloween, Chicago.

            After more than 2 inches of rain fell overnight, some minor flooding was reported on area roadways, causing two ramps to be closed on the Kennedy

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