Hair Fun, Hair Mysteries and Hair Don'ts

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Part of the nature of show business is for performers to “look different.” That is what the public expects. Take clothing, for example. If people go to a concert — rock concerts generally excluded — they do not want to see the performers wearing things they just saw last weekend at JC Penney, Sears or wherever. Which is the main reason why entertainers seldom buy “off the rack.” But, as in so many other areas, some stars go overboard, to extremes by most people’s standards. The same applies to hair.

Some have proudly chosen styles that raised eyebrows and in some cases made people laugh. But being looked at and talked about is an essential ingredient in being successful in the world of entertainment. When asked if she minded some people staring at her in a downtown restaurant, singer/actress Melba Moore (who was “dressed down” at the time) said, “No! Why do you think I work so hard?”

This week we take a look at the strange, the fascinating, the disheartening and, yes, the humorous in celebrity hairstyles.

No one craves attention more than Erykah Badu, and she got plenty of it with this look.


Nina Simone was always Afrocentric — and completely unlike anyone else.


LADY GAGA. ’Nuff said!


LADY GAGA. ’Nuff said!


CHRIS BROWN, for a short while, had his hair dyed blond. (Not a bad look, actually.)



FANTASIA, season three “American Idol” winner, likes to experiment.

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