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Instead of cursing, why not bless?

LucyShaw-160Dear Lucy: My son is seven years old and he has already been to three different schools. He just won't behave, sit still, stop talking or pay attention. His Dad says that he was the same way as a kid and I know that even though I was smart in school I was also a smart aleck. But we have tried everything with this boy and I am frustrated. What can you recommend.


A big-time Pentecostal conference – is one in Memphis’ future?

PentecostalsRayandEllis-600Praises went up and the blessings came down at the Greater Memphis Pentecostal Assembly during Installation and Rededication services last Sunday (March 3).

The guest speaker was Presiding Bishop Charles H. Ellis III of the Pentecostal Assembly of the World (P.A.W.). Ellis, senior pastor of Greater Grace Temple in Detroit, delivered a moving message of love to the standing-room only congregation at the GMPA's newly-built facility.


Goals, planning & backtracking; How to get over the hump

LucyShaw-160Dear Lucy: I have been working on my goals for this year. I have ideas that I know are good and will help me as well as others. But I keep going back thinking about all of the ways I have tried and failed in the past. If I am not thinking about the past, I am thinking about what could go wrong with my plans. Is this just natural when we start to plan a new life?


Detox, purify and speak up, says Lenten speaker Rev. Moss

RevMoss-600The Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago completed his two-day speaking engagement as the kick-off for the Lenten Speaking Series at Calvary Church downtown last Friday (Feb. 15).

Moss spoke on "Purification." He drew his text from the third chapter of Malachi. Here's an excerpted version of the text:

"I will send my messenger, who will prepare the way before me....For he will be like a refiner's fire or a launderer's soap..."


Mean self-talk not fit for a ‘queen’

LucyShaw-160Dear Lucy: I attended the Women of Excellence Workshop on "Visioning" that you presented last week. Thank you so much. I certainly intend to be a "queen in 2013." I wish it had been a full-day seminar. I got lots of information to work with but I just have one question. Can you just say some more for me and anybody else about how to not give up on my dream and stay motivated?


No valentine? 6 things you should know

LucyShaw-160Dear Lucy: It's here again. Valentine's Day. The TV and movie theaters are paying homage. The department stores, the TV, radio and all other advertising mediums are on it too. Young love, old love, freaky love, miraculous love. It's all there, just tune in. But I have not had a Valentine in years and don't expect to find one between now and Valentine's Day. I know I can spend time with friends, by myself, watching the love movies and God knows what. But how do I handle just one more "love" holiday by myself.


Wrong question: Can God answer?

spirituallyspeaking-600If you're like me, prayer is a subject that keeps popping up because sometimes out of sheer habit, I keep doing it. Intellectually I understand its purpose and its benefit. But sometimes I get lost in the reality of who and under what circumstances I'm moved to sincerely pray. It's then that I want my prayers answered on my time for my reasons, forgetting or not wanting to remember all things happen for a reason; God's reason to be precise.

This past Sunday, the minister reminded me that God's plan happens on God's time and our job is to be open and ready for His answer to our prayers. Simply put, he said, delay is not denial. God answers all prayer in His time, in His way, with His power and for His purpose. That's it and we have to deal with it.


Dear Grandma: Hudson, Keyes & Beyoncé dominate on ‘Super’ stage

BeyonceUSMC-200Dear Lucy: I watched the Super Bowl Game yesterday and saw history. There were these three incredibly beautiful and talented African-American women dominating the screen with their moving performances. Jennifer Hudson was dressed like a 20's, curvy schoolteacher with a voice from heaven. Alicia Keyes was decked out in an elegant red gown crooning while playing her craft on the piano. And then there was the mega-star, Beyoncé who proved hands down that she can sing, dance, be a generous friend and take over a stage, stadium and screen. Things have really changed. No matter how proud I was of Beyoncé, I could not help but think that my grandmother would have rolled over in her grave to see her lack of clothing and public dance moves like that! I am not in the group that criticizes Beyoncé, I am just considering how much has changed.


Does God influence sporting events?

31sportsgod-500With millions of Americans set to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday, a new survey finds more than a quarter of Americans believe that God "plays a role in determining which team wins" at sports events.

The survey by the Public Religion Research Institute also found that more than half of Americans believe "God rewards athletes who have faith with good health and success."

"In an era where professional sports are driven by dollars and statistics," said institute CEO Robert P. Jones, "significant numbers of Americans see a divine hand at play."


Dig deep into truth and let it set you free

LucyShaw-160Dear Lucy: This is the year I plan to clean up and get rid of all the junk in my life. I don't care if it's people or all the stuff I own. When I walk into my house, I feel overwhelmed, guilty and downright dysfunctional because of having too much! I have tried all last year to get rid of it but every time I get rid of a little bit, some more just shows up. I am not a hoarder, just too much stuff. Help!


Live in the light, flip the switch!

LucyShaw-160Dear Lucy: I have been trying for the longest time to let go of some things that I did in the past. I am ashamed of them and just can't stop thinking about how stupid I was. I feel like I am always walking in the dark because I am so ashamed. Please help me with this. There must be a bigger, better answer than what I've been doing.


St. Paul crafts ‘Healthy Men of Color Summit’

At. St. Paul Baptist Church, a consensus has been reached about the need to "change the statistics and men's attitudes about their health and wellbeing."

That agreement has led to the design of the church's first Healthy Men of Color Health Summit, which will be held Saturday (Jan. 19) at the church at 2124 East Holmes Rd.


Let’s get our increase on

Dear Lucy: I really want this to be my best year ever. You have been writing about planning for the new year. Is there just one favorite piece of advice that you have?

– Queen of 2013

Dear Queen: Thanks and I am having a lot of fun with my own planning. I also plan to be a Queen in 2013! I have a long list of stuff that I am doing this year that I have never done.